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Brand: Acteon Model: newtron_booster
Offered Newtron booster Ultrasonic Scaler is well known for its efficient working with perfect ultrasonic vibrations and steel tip quality that further preserves teeth.Features:The perfectly-controlled vibrations and high-quality tips bring to treatments more preservation, efficacy and comfort.Power..
Brand: Acteon Model: P5_Newtron
The P5 Newtron Ultrasonic Scaler is great assistance in your practice. Ergonomically designed, this scaler ensures optimal performance & fast work every time of its usage, which further provides full comfort to both the patients and the doctor. Features:Reliable ultrasonic system with a per..
Brand: Acteon Model: Acteon_Supercharged
Offered Acteon Mini LED III Supercharged Light Cure Unit has 3 different working modes which further provides the flexibility to polymerize virtually all types of composites, bonding agents and sealants. It has a one of a kind memory function which enables it to store  the most r..
Brand: Acteon Model: MINI_LED
We are offering the sought-after Acteon Mini LED Active Light Cure Unit which is engineered with the most modern LED technology. Furthermore, the combination of its speed, power and efficiency is nearly as efficient as plasma lamps, without raising the temperature.Features:1250mW/cm2 with ..
Brand: Acteon Model: Sopix
The Sopix series digital x-ray sensors improve your daily work as it is easy to use and has an outstanding image quality. Sopix sensors surpass the limits of radiological examinations by offering greater differentiation of dental tissue. This technological achievement is based on..
Quickview All in One Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV
New Pre-Order
Brand: Genoray Model: PORT_X_IV
Offered Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV is the 4th generation machine, which is developed to generate and control X-ray to acquire teeth and jaw images.General Features:Light weighted and compact body design with rechargeable batteries enable you to shoot easily and to keep everywhereSmall dose of ..
Brand: Anthos Model: X-VS
The X-VS intraoral sensor is the India's 1st HD intraoral sensor, designed ergonomically for REAL-TIME DIAGNOSTICS besides offering extraordinary performance, and a perfect balance between comfort & cutting-edge technology.  Moreover, This high definition RVG can be used with all ..
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model:  178025CRYSTAL1
If you are seeking for the best image quality, then Crystal Intraoral Sensor will be the best option for you. Manufactured in India, this sensor has an ergonomic design which can digitize your clinic with advanced technology, Extreme reliability and Exceptional Value.Features:Super CMOS SensorClear ..
Brand: Anycubic Photon Model: Photon3D
Designed by using highly developed technology, this offered Anycubic Photon UV RESIN DLP 3D Printer has various sought after features such as 2.8 inches touch screen, real-time previews of print status, Photon operational system, hassle-free USB mode printing etc. that furth..
Brand: Sirona Model: CDR_Elite
Unicorn Denmart is providing the sought-after radiography Sensor XIOS XG Select to its customers at cost-effective rates with new name i.e FONA CDR ELITE. This intra oral sensor is incorporated with appreciable features that will certainly helps you to run your practice in smooth way ..
Brand: NSK Model:  114017Y1002208
Unicorn Denmart is offering a highly advanced Apex Loctaor known as iPex II from the brand NSK. Built by using the results of numerous clinical trials and verification tests, this smart logic next-generation Apex Locator is compatible with diverse tooth forms. Additionally, it provides sup..
₹41,500 ₹45,000
Brand: Biolase Model: iLase
Unicorn Denmart is offering Biolase iLase which is designed by using superior technology for every dentist & every hygienist. With no foot pedal, power cord or external controls, the revolutionary iLase takes dental lasers beyond portable.Features:All the power and control is conc..
₹201,000 ₹208,000
Quickview Biovac Sec New-Motorized Suction
Top Brand -5 %
Brand: Gnatus Model:  101001070000103
We are offering the best model of suction unit which is GNATUS Biovac Sec New Motorized Suction at best price. Basically, the GNATUS Biovac Sec was designed for a high-powered suction that absorbs efficiency saliva and residues, using a technology that dispenses water in the..
₹42,000 ₹44,100
Brand: Durr Dental Model: VS250S
We are offering a highly reliable and ergonomically designed suction unit VS 250 S from the house of Durr Dental to our customers at the best price. The V-suction unit is suitable for use in dry air suction systems and can be installed in any suitable room, regardless of any..
₹53,415 ₹56,175
Brand: Durr Dental Model: VS300S
Durr suction unit VS 300 S is highly suitable for use in dry air suction systems and can be installed in any suitable room, regardless of any connection layout. In addition, it is possible to install a noise-reducing muffler in the exhaust air line in order to reduce the amount of noise ge..
₹92,556 ₹98,000

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