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D-5 Woodpecker Scaler

D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
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D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
D-5 Woodpecker Scaler
1 Year

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Best dental deals bring to you D-5 Woodpecker Scaler to remove plaque and calculus from the tooth surface in the scaling procedure. This device meets all specifications of the dentist. DTE D5 Ultrasonic Scaler is a power-driven scaler that converts high frequency electrical energy into high-frequency sound waves to effectively remove all types’ stains and hard deposits. 

Key Features of Scaler DTE D5:

  • Good assistance for dental practitioners as it has optic as well as a non-optic handpiece that increases the visibility & best adapted for clinical operations.
  • Performs multiple functions as per the requirement of the dentist i.e. General, Perio, Endo.
  • Handpiece that is easily detachable and autoclavable at 134°C to prevent infection transmission.
  • Automatic frequency tracking ensures the system still operates at the optimal frequency and more consistently executes functions.
  • Automatic degenerative feedback for constant power output and increased secured scaling for the patient.
  • The cavitation effect that is created at the end of the scaling tip helps to clean the teeth easily without harming the gums or cingulum areas.
  • Digitally monitored, the operation is easier and the scaling is performed more efficiently.
  • CE & FDA certification for the quality makes this device a reliable one.
  • The amplitude adjustment range is much broader, also the easy to control water switch make this DTE D5 Ultrasonic Piezo scaler convenient to use.
  • Athermic tips for soft & painless scaling


Works on 3 modes

General, Perio & Endo


Handpiece shell is made up of high-quality plastic from the USA

Main unit input

240V 50Hz

Output Power

3W – 20W


28KHz – 30KHz

Water pressure

0.1 bar

Main unit weight

1 kg




1 year on all parts of the product (Physical damage is not covered in any case)


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