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Woodpecker Light Cure Unit - LUX V

Woodpecker Light Cure Unit - LUX V
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Woodpecker Light Cure Unit - LUX V

Best Dental Deals Present Woodpecker DTE Lux V light Cure unit, a sleek light cure unit with a better sense of hand. The dentist experiences total freedom of movement in dental work. The specific stylish and compact unit fits any user-technique, offering a stable grip from multiple angles, and their compact size provides a perfect weight balance. It speeds up the dental restoration and solidifies the restorative material placed on teeth.

Key Features of Woodpecker Light Cure Unit Lux V:

  • It is ambidextrous, suitable for dental professionals with both right- & left-hand operation.
  • Large Capacity battery, that can be used for 300 times (10s) when fully charged.
  • No effect on curing of the composite in battery consumption with a stand-by time of 20 days.
  • More reliable Woodpecker Lux V battery without any explosion and CE Certification.
  • Constant light output without any effect on the curing when power remains less.
  • High Quality light Hood that protects the eyes from macular degeneration and other harmful injuries.

Technical Specifications:





Power input

AC 240V/ 50Hz

3 Modes

3 Modes

Working Voltage

4.2 – 4.5 V

Electric Current

0.7 Amp

Battery Capacity

1400 mAH



Time Setting

0-20 sec



Operational instructions:

Switch on the POWER button. Press the MODE to select the mode, Press the TIME. To set the time. Now the device is ready for curing. 

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