Woodpecker DTE EndoRadar Plus Integrated Apex Locator Brushless Endomotor

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  • High-performance Brushless endo motor with smooth vibration & less wear and noise during work.
  • 100-200 RPM with 0.4-5.0 N.cm Torque. Super High torque, high speed, fast response, more accurate output, and more stability, ensuring more efficient & safe preparation.
  • Wireless connection between handpiece & unit for flexible operation
  • Adjustable reciprocating angles range: from 20-400 degrees, with 10 degrees as a minimum unit for adjustment.
  • Accurate control of rotating angles reduces the risk of instrument fracture, enabling more efficient and safer preparation.
  • Integrated 5th Generation Apex Locator for real-time display of files inside the canal.
  • High-performance brushless endo motor with less noise and less heat generation
  • 6:1 Gear head for smooth output of torque while preparing the canal.
  • A large-capacity battery that can work for 2.5 hours continuously.


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Special Price ₹39,999.00 Regular Price ₹45,000.00


Heading Dimension
Gear Head Ratio 6:01
Torque range 0.4 – 5.0 Ncm
Speed Range 100 – 1200 rpm
Rotatable contra-angle 360°
Functions Auto-reverse/Apex Action/Auto-start
Built-in User Defined Modes 11
Handpiece Head Size 9.7mm height



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Manufacturer Woodpecker
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