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Light Cure Probe
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Light cure probe for dental curing light that is used for polymerization of composite restorative cement. It is made from finest quality material; heat dissipates easily to avoid overheating issues such that it can reliably and accurately deliver the optimum light intensity. It is very easy to operate. It is light in weight and highly portable...
₹1,103 ₹1,503
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Inbuilt OF D5
V6 inbuilt scaler to be integrated into dental chairs of DTE brand that conforms to the concept of better quality and the central methodology of R&D for the availability of budget-friendly dental products.  DTE V6 inbuilt scaler comes with various amazing features for comfortable dental scaling and is widely accepted by dental professionals all over the world. Key Features Of V6 Scaler:• Endo mode in addition to general prophylaxis and perio mode provides dentist a flexible operati..
₹10,000 ₹11,500
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Dpex V
DTE Woodpecker apex locator 6th generation for accurate working length determination irrespective of the tooth type and multi-frequency impedance technology. The use of this highly efficient by the dentist can add on various advantages.Key Features for DPEX V Apex Locator:97.71% accurate than the conventional radiography method. It locates the apical constriction in a 3D structure then the 2D image & also the error in handling method can easily be omitted. 6th g..
₹8,700 ₹9,000
Woodpecker DTE D3 piezon scaler comes with versatile tips set to help the dentist to perform various periodontal procedures. Key Features of DTE D3 Scaler Tips:Athermic tips Enhanced comfort to the patient during oral prophylaxisExcellent durabilityPiezon tips for greater precisionTechnical Specifications:Stainless steel tips5 tips set for 3 Supragingival scaling, 1 Perio scaling & 1 stain removal..
₹2,210 ₹2,510
Woodpecker D5 scaler tips increases the dentist’s productivity due to its decreased treatment time and efficiently removing hard calculus from the tooth surface. Key Features of DTE D5 Scaler Tips:Athermic TipsLess tissue trauma due to the tips designEnhanced patient comfort due to piezon technologyIncreased elimination of plaque due to tip sprayExcellent stain removal ability of the tips with no hand fatigueUpgraded endo function with endo irrigation for removal of foreign material during ..
₹2,985 ₹3,500
Brand: Woodpecker Model: LUX V
Woodpecker DTE Lux V light Cure unit, a sleek light cure unit with a better sense of hand. The dentist experiences total freedom of movement in dental work. The specific stylish and compact unit fits any user-technique, offering a stable grip from multiple angles, and their compact size provides a perfect weight balance. It speeds up the dental restoration and solidifies the restorative material placed on teeth.Key Features: It is ambidextrous, suitable for dental professionals with ..
₹4,500 ₹5,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Implant-X
Implant X physiodispenser from brand Woodpecker, a renowned brand in China. Woodpecker DTE is dedicated to manufacturing advanced dental equipment with high durability and reliability. Woodpecker coheres to the principle of improved quality, core technology R&D, and the availability of cost-effective dental equipment. DTE Implant X is an implant micromotor with improved precision for dental implant placement with greater strength and enhanced safety features. Tooth replacement with a gr..
₹104,500 ₹109,750
Woodpecker Infrared Thermometer Woodpecker Infrared Thermometer
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Brand: Woodpecker Model: Woodpecker-IT
Woodpecker Thermometer based on Infrared Technology and of premium quality. This is crafted using superior quality materials and innovative techniques which make it a reliable product. The materials used for the manufacturing of the Woodpecker Infrared thermometer are chosen after taking feedback from market surveys and made this thermometer the most recognized and reliable in the market you can easily buy infrared thermometer online at a very competitive price.Key Features of Woodpecker..
₹2,000 ₹4,500
Woodpecker O' Led Plus Light Cure Unit Woodpecker O' Led Plus Light Cure Unit
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Brand: Woodpecker Model: O'LED Plus
Woodpecker O light Plus, Light Cure Unit that is ergonomically built with modern technology to provide excellent accuracy and protection with less heat generation. It offers high intensity focused light for all forms of resin materials to be effectively polymerized. Thanks to its quality & outstanding features, it is one of the most reliable O light curing light with increased dental acceptance from all over the world. Key Features of O-Light Plus: O-Light Plus light cure Unit ..
₹6,200 ₹7,000
Woodpecker PT1 Scaler Woodpecker PT1 Scaler
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Brand: Woodpecker Model: PT1
Woodpecker PT1 scaler, especially for periodontal therapy in unbeatable price. This scaler device uses piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic technology for painless and comfortable periodontal treatment. This scaler has the advanced technology that provides softness with enhanced comfort and ease of eliminating the dental plaque and hard calculus from the tooth surface in this Sci-tech era. Woodpecker PT1 Piezon Device:Painless and smooth scaling experience for patientAutomatic water supply for ..
₹45,290 ₹47,550
Brand: Woodpecker Model: U6
Woodpecker U6 scaler to improve your skills with its multiple functionalities. This is a modern scaler with an improved patient comfort level and enhanced endo functions. This piezon scaler is used to remove plaque, calculus, tartar from Supragingival as well as subgingival areas. Key Features for Scaler Woodpecker: Simple compact design with easy installation in the dental unit. Smart ultrasensitive touch system with waterproof design makes it easy to use. Microcomputer co..
₹19,040 ₹22,000
Brand: Woodpecker Model:  118002D3LED
DTE D3 Optic scaler in economical range with piezoelectric technology that provides comfortable scaling and enhances the patient experience. Woodpecker scaler D3 of DTE is a very durable product. This ultrasonic scaler device uses electrical energy & produces high-frequency ultrasonic vibration with cavitation effect on the tip for the effective elimination of stains & calculus from the tooth surface. It comes with a few key points that make this device one of the most desirable p..
₹10,600 ₹11,000
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