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VMAX 450 Suction Unit

VMAX 450 Suction Unit
VMAX 450 Suction Unit
VMAX 450 Suction Unit
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VMAX 450 Suction Unit
VMAX 450 Suction Unit
VMAX 450 Suction Unit
VMAX 450 Suction Unit

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Best Dental Deals offer VMAX 450 Suction System, a high – power wet-line suction machine, imported from a top dental manufacturing brand in China. It is highly preferred by dental professionals across the globe because of its high tech design and noise reduction feature. If you are looking for a suction system that can be easily programmed with your existing dental chair, the VMAX system will be a valuable addition to your dental practice.

Using the VMAX 450 suction system during restorative, periodontal and oral surgical procedures, you will be able to have a better intraoral view of the structures since it leaves behind a clean and dry surface.

Key Features of the VMAX 450 Suction System:

  • A high-quality product based on frequency conversion technology to adjust the flow according to the chair that is actually being used in the dental clinic.
  • The VMAX Suction Machine has a high suction power and an excellent aspiration power.
  • Its internal noise reduction system allows you to have a greater focus on the procedure while at the same time it helps in reducing patient’s anxiety associated with the use of high – noise products 
  • It is a stable and concentrated device, which will offer you a consistent vacuum pressure throughout the dental procedure
  • It is compatible with all dental chairs.

Technical Specifications of the VMAX 450 Dental Suction

Power (HP)


Max Pumping (L/min)


Vacuum Degree (KPa)


Suitable Chairs

Up to 2

Noise (dB)


Operational Instructions for using the VMAX 450 Suction Units

  • The suction system is connected with the dental chair for the aspiration of blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids through a pipe.
  • The suction pipe is then connected with the sewage system for the drainage.
  • Maximum care is taken not to use L bend as it may reduce the aspiration capacity of the suction. 

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