UVC Light Sanitizer, Portable Virus Germicidal Disinfection Handheld Lamp As per Design by DRDO, Govt of India

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  • Medical grade – designed for home bedroom, living room, kitchen as well as office use
  • UV-C handheld device for efficiently sanitizing Household & Office Objects with a wider surface area.
  • Reduce transmission of all types of microorganisms including germs.
  • Effective sanitization within 45 Sec.
  • Maintenance-free along with effortless “Plug n Play” installation method.

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Special Price ₹3,499.00 Regular Price ₹9,999.00
  • Based on Proven UVC Technology that kills 99.99% microbes 
  • Used for surface sanitization of the objects
  • Easy to use with "Plug n Play" installation. 
  • Irradiance energy of 250mJ/cm2  for effective sanitization
  • Compact design offers great accessibility
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