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Unicorn New Endomotor with LED Light & 16:1 Handpiece

Unicorn New Endomotor with LED Light & 16:1 Handpiece
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Unicorn New Endomotor with LED Light & 16:1 Handpiece

Unicorn is offering highly economical model in endomotor that is equipped with all required features in order to provide convenience, quality, and functionality in single wireless implant motor. This Ultra-quiet handpiece serves you with its 6 motion modes and wide angle operation.


1. High Standard- Equipped with mini 16:1 reduction handpiece 

2. Clear Vision - Equipped with LED Light that offers an excellent vision & surgery field for clinical operation

3. Imported Motor - It provides quality performance and stable operation for clinic

4. Wireless Design - Breaking through the limitation and shackles, more flexible

Technical Aspects 

1. This Ultra-quiet Handpiece can better resolve the instability

2. 5+1 Motion Modes modes can meet your requirements of clinical operations and usage model of various kinds of root canal files.

  • Inversion
  • Continuous motion
  • Reciprocating Motion
  • One-way, forward and inversion

3. Wide Angle Operation

  • It provides clear vision for clinical operations
  • Do not need to adjust the light on the dental chair and easy to use
  • Patients don't need to bear the pain if the lights are in their eyes

Warranty - 1 Year

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