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Unicorn Denmart UV Chamber

Unicorn Denmart UV Chamber
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Unicorn Denmart UV Chamber
•Stericab UV Chamber works by the process of Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation. 
•Used for storing sterilized dental instruments.
•UV-C at 254 nm prevents further growth of the bacteria & virus on the sterilized dental instruments.
•Equipped with 1 UV-C tube of 8W Power that emits UV –C light to keep the instruments sterilized for a longer duration.
•Stainless steel (SS304) chamber with Stainless steel trays.
•The door switch interlock system prevents the emission of UV light when the door is opened for safety.
•Electronic circuit for the instant start of the tube.
•Effective tool for avoiding contamination of instruments once sterilized or autoclaved.
•Can maintain & preserve instruments for days without any fear of contamination.

Product Details:

•Dimension (L×B×H) – 12 trays - 300 × 190 × 510 mm
                                        15 trays - 300 × 190 × 572 mm
•Wavelength – 254 nm
•Phillips UV-C Tube  - 8W Power & 16W power
•Power Supply – 220V 50Hz

Important Information:

UV chamber is essential equipment to store the sterilized dental instruments for a longer duration. UV-C light of 254 nm prevents the growth of microorganisms on the sterilization instruments.

Warranty* - 6 Months

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