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UV Chamber
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UV Chamber
Best dental deals present UV Chamber to prevent any cross contaminations from patient to patient during a dental procedure or oral examination. As of now, dentistry is being listed as the highest risk occupation due to Covid-19, to keep patients contamination-free, the instruments used should be kept sterilized for a longer duration. It is a device that is used to keep the reusable dental instruments sterilized for a longer period without any growth of microbes. UV Chamber Dental is based on Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation and works by the shortest wavelength of the Ultraviolet Light i.e. UV-C of 254 nm for effective disinfection.

Key Features of UV Chamber:

  • Easy “Plug n Play” installation and no annual maintenance charges.
  • Door switch Interlock system for the safety and prevention of exposure to the ultraviolet light.
  • Easy to operate the system
  • Stainless steel (SS304) to make it rust proof.
  • Phillips UV-C tube with a life of more than 8000 hours that are very durable and lasts for years.


No of trays


Chamber Dimension

300 X 190 X 510mm

1 no of Phillips UV-C Tube

8W power

Power Supply

220V 50H

Operational Instructions of UV Light Chamber:

Plugin the power cable. Switch on the main power button. UV-C light will be on which can be visible through the glass. Keep the sterilized dental reusable instruments inside the chamber on the trays. Close the door.


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