Unicorn Denmart Planet Dental Chair

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Unicorn Denmart Planet Dental Chair is a superior quality highly functional chair, which meets all the requirements of dental professionals. The Planet dental chair comes with added safety features along with easy customization of sitting positions.

  • High-quality plastic base with dual heavy-duty DC motors
  • Independent Up-down movement of the dental chair.
  • Multifunctional Foot Control:
    • Metal handle for easy displacement as per the comfort of the dentist
    • Chair position control
    • Bowl rising control
    •  Cup filling control
    • Air  and water outlet control
  • Seamless upholstery with the movable right arm for easy entry/exit of the patient.
  • Movable assistant arm for four-handed dentistry or easy positioning of the assistant during dental procedures. It has
    • 2 suction points: High Vac & Low Vac Suctions
    • One 3-way syringe
    • Dedicated switches for seat up & down movements and backrest to & fro movements.

Vendor : Unicorn
Special Price ₹147,000.00 Regular Price ₹155,000.00
  • Water the unit that comes with a 90-degree movable spittoon for easy spitting of the patient and prevents discomfort.
  • Provision for warm water is also available for extra comfort to patients with dentinal hypersensitivity.
  • It ensures the maintenance of hygiene in the dental clinic due to easily detachable spittoon.
  • Along with an on / off switch, it has a safety switch for water - air - electricity features enhancing the safety of your procedures.


  • The Delivery Unit has:
    • Pneumatic Locking Arm that prevents Unnecessary displacements of the unit during a dental procedure.
    • 3 Air Rotor Points
    • One 3-way syringe
    • LED X-Ray viewer for IOPA X-rays
  • It provides easy touch play operations through its feather touch control panel.
  • It has 13 keys for chair control and added features, which you will be able to customize easily. Since it has a lot of automatic features, you will not be perplexed by a large number of buttons.
  • Emergency Position: During dental emergencies, when the patient goes into syncope, by pressing one button, the dental chair goes into Trendelenburg position i.e. -5 degree for making the patient conscious.
  • Spitting Position: On pressing the spitting position button, the backrest will automatically move upward, and the bowl will start rinsing for the patient to spit. At this point, the LED lights will automatically turn off. So, you don’t have to repeatedly control all features. On pressing again, the backrest would go backwards to come in the working position and the bowl rinsing will stop and the lights will be turned on.
  • Luxury 6 LED light with proximity sensor for better visibility of the oral cavity during dental procedures.

Technical Specifications:

Power supply 220 -230V
Dimensions 6.25 * 3 ft
LED system 10,000 - 25,000  Lux 


The dental chair is installed as per the site planning by the service engineer with all the connection i.e. electricity, drainage, water inlet, air inlet etc.

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