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Tulip Digital LED Curing Light

Tulip Digital LED Curing Light
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Tulip Digital LED Curing Light

Complete your dentistry with this TULIP DIGITAL LED CURING LIGHT unit and treat your patient more efficiently. Made up of Aluminium, this light cure unit is light in weight and easy to handle that lets you work easily.

Features & Specifications:

Material of shell handleAluminum
SizeDiameter 23×160mm
GradeOrdinary B Type Intermittent
Working Voltage100—220V AC; 50—60Hz
Mode10s, 15s, and 20s three kinds of working mode
Working volt4.2~4.5 volts
Electric current0.7 amperes
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity1400Mah
Wave Length420—480nm
Luminous Intensity1200mW/cm² 5W
Belongs toClass II, I P40


  •  1 Year

Contents in Package:
  • One curing light unit
  • Stand
  • Light protector
  • Charger
  • Optic probe
  • Instruction manual

Warranty* - 1 Year

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