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Tornado Straight Handpiece

Tornado Straight Handpiece
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Tornado Straight Handpiece

Best Dental Deals offer Tornado Straight handpiece from Being Foshan brand that provides excellent performance and user- comfortability to dental professionals all over the world. It is one of the most demanded handpieces and is available online for the dentists to buy at a decent price without any muddle.

Indications of Dental Straight Handpiece:

·         Trimming of dentures in prosthodontics dental clinics or dental labs

·         Bone cutting or tooth sectioning while performing minor oral surgical procedures or in dental impactions

·         Trimming of crowns/ bridges

Key Features of Tornado Straight Handpiece:

·         Ergonomic design provides smooth operation to the dentist.

·         Light in weight to reduce hand fatigue

·         Made of high-quality stainless steel that is rustproof and allow a comfortable grip during dental procedures

·         Reduced chairside time, saves time for both patient and doctor

·         Autoclavable at 135 degrees C to allow proper infection control

·         It offers greater precision and reliability

Technical Specifications:

·         Max Speed: 35,000 rpm

·         Gear Ratio- 1:1

·         Warranty: 6 months

Operational Instructions Of Surgical Straight Handpiece:

Tornado straight handpiece is a motor-driven low-speed handpiece, it should be connected first with an air motor or micromotor. Now it is ready to use.

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