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Tornado 1 Air Compressors - Durr Dental

Tornado 1 Air Compressors - Durr Dental
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  • Brand: Durr Dental
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Best Dental Deals Offer Tornado 1 dental air compressor from Durr Dental, a German brand, Its products has received several international awards, accolades, and appreciations for their design and innovation including Red Dot Award in 2011. Since the expansion of its headquarters in New Delhi, India, Durr Dental has been one of the most trusted brands among dental surgeons. It is also one of the recognized socially responsible companies, which takes into account the unique needs of its clients as well as the larger society and the environment.

Key Features Of The DURR Tornado 1 Compressor:

  • An extremely low noise oil-free compressor provides extra comfort
  • Hygienic and odorless air ensures aseptic operations
  • 15 % less energy consumption
  • Robust technology with long-lived design ensures 100% continuous operation.
  • Safety switch to prevent overload or overpressure.
  • Anti-thermal switch to prevent overtemperature.
  • A very reliable product because of the closed crankcase
  • Anti-bacterial inner tank coating of silver Nano particles to make it rust-free.
  • Low operating costs because of energy and efficiency optimization  

Technical Specifications of the DURR Compressor Tornado 1:


32 kg




50 Hz



Flow Rate

67 l/min²

Tank content


Pressure Range

6-7.8 Bar

Noise Level

64dB (A)

Dimensions (H x W x D cm)

66 x 48 x 37

Operational Instructions For Using The DURR Dental Tornado 1

  • Has a Plug ‘n’ play installation – you just have to place it in the position, connect the pipe for the dental chair, plug it in and it's ready to be used.
  • Be careful to provide sufficient rest to the compressor device so as to ensure maximum compressor lifetime. 


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