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Cristofoli X-Ray Film Viewer
New -25 %
Model: Xray_viewer
Features: # LED light source, working life over 100000 hours#  Can mount on the wall or place on the desk with 3 positions # Fashionable design # Intensity of light : >3000 LUX # Dimensions : X-Ray viewer - 35,7 x 24,3 x 3,5 cm (W x H x D) / Screen - 30 x 20 cm (W x H) # Illuminance : ..
₹6,225 ₹8,300
Brand: Durr Dental Model: 6010-50
Quick, practical, and only from Dürr DentalSensor-triggered surface disinfectant wipes! The integrated dry wipes are easily, quickly and reliably moistened with surface disinfectant.The length of the wipes and the quantity of disinfectant can be set to meet your individual requirements. Optimum dosi..
Endodontic Handpiece Z45 L
New -25 %
Brand: NSK Model: Z45l
Z45 L titanium body with scratch resistant DURAGRIP 45% angle H/P, easy handling, Push Button Chuck, Quattro spray – TI MAX..
₹41,250 ₹55,000
Endodontic Optic Handpiece Model X35L
New -20 % Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: 35l
Endodontic Optic H/P Model X35L 10:1 reduction, Single Spray, Push Button Chuck...
₹36,000 ₹45,000
Gnatus Articulator Mod-JP-30
New -25 %
Model: jp30
Ideal choice of prosthodontists Semi adjustable, easy to operate articulator Ideal for prosthetic laboratory procedures Important tool for diagnosis and Treatment Planning Easy to make patient impression and finally mount the model Records taken easily and transferred accurately Bet..
₹20,100 ₹26,800
Micro Surgery Straight HandPiece Model SGS-E2S
New -25 % Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: SGS-E2S
Micro Surgery Straight H/P model SGS-E2S 1:2 increasing h/p - ..
₹30,750 ₹41,000
NLX Nano Micromotor
New -7 % Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: Nano
Table Top brushless LED Micro Motor model NLX nano. (High Torque, Smooth rotation and min. vibration )...
₹70,000 ₹75,000
Saeshin Traus Cordless Endomotor
-15 %
Brand: Sirona Model: ALC41EP
We are offering Saeshin Traus Cordless Endomotor with reciprocating function further known for its user-friendly interface design, unlimited space for operation, Optimized design, Ergonomic and compact body.Features:5 memory programsSetting of torque limit functionAuto Reverse functionAuto..
₹26,000 ₹30,576
Sirona Contra Angle Handpiece - T4 line
-20 %
Brand: Sirona Model: T4contra
The straight and contra-angle handpiece of the T4 class delivers an essential design and a robust steel sleeve. Due to the air motor – available with Midwest 4-hole or Borden 2-hole – you will stay flexible, regardless of the treatment unit you are using.Characteristics:Essential design out of stain..
₹7,130 ₹8,925
Sirona Push Button Air Rotor Handpiece - T3
-28 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Sirona Model: T3
The handpiece of the T3 class with their extremely robust titanium sleeves are sturdy and an investment that will provide satisfaction for years to come. Thanks to the ISO interface, you remain completely flexible – no matter which treatment center you are using.Features:Universal ISO interfaceExtre..
₹7,130 ₹9,870
TFT Clamp- Coxo
-20 %
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: clamp_coxo
Offered Coxo TFT Clamp has a durable and sturdy design. It can be fixed to any dental unit in order to allow the movement of TFT Screen or monitor in both vertical and horizontal directions.Features:Highly durable with PVC qualityPermits vertical as well as horizontal movementsCan bear weight upto 5..
₹1,200 ₹1,500
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