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Dental Surgical Loupe

Dental Surgical Loupe
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Dental Surgical Loupe

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For dental healthcare providers, Best Dental deals offer dental surgical loupes to provide superior visualization. It also helps you to achieve the perfect balance of convenience and position.  To provide the dentist with optimum comfort, this loupe is fitted with adjustable features. The user-adjustable features offer versatility and provide the user with an unrivaled ability to achieve the best fit.

Key features of Dental Loupes:

  • Clear Visibility: Crisp clear image of the tooth and its parts are visible by multi-coated, scratch-resistant glass lenses.
  • Flexibility for adjustment: The simple, easy to adjust fastener guarantees correct optical alignment.
  • Improved vision: Easy to see precise aspects of the operational field with 2.5X and 3.5X magnification and the most delicate dental work can be conducted on the smallest scaler possible.
  • Reduced exhaustion of Eye, Neck & Back: In order for better visibility, you would no longer need to lean over to get a closer view of the working area.
  • Amazingly lightweight and convenience: Lightweight frame that enhances the comfort of the dentist.
  • Liberty of motion: With your head, the surgical loupe keeps moving so that there is no need to keep your head still to look through the eyepiece. When using loupes, the work area can be readily repositioned.
  • Protection: The glass can help you to get protected from all the splash and debris while using high-speed handpieces.

Technical Specifications:

  • Magnifications: 2.5X and 3.5X
  • Working Distance: 410 mm
  • Warranty: 3 months

Important Information About Dental Surgical Loupes:

The best dental loupes can also be worn by a dentist, with powered lenses fitted in the same, after consulting an ophthalmologist.


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