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Piezosurgery Unit

Piezosurgery Unit

About Piezosurgery Unit

Piezoelectric surgery is a soft tissue sparing technique for bone cutting surgeries based on low frequency ultrasonic micro vibrations.  Piezosurgery is also known as piezo-electric surgery or ultra-surgery device. Piezosurgery equipment is typically an ultrasonic system with a proper modulated frequency and a vibration range for different surgical procedures. This device allows the dental professional for controlled cutting of bone structures. It is easy to sever bony structures present near delicate organs with great precision, without soft tissue destruction.

Piezosurgery Unit Price List

Type Of Piezosurgery UnitBDD Special PriceMax Price
Woodpecker Surgery X₹201,600/piece

Dental Piezosurgery Units Ensures For The Below Mentioned “P”, Those are

  • Predictability
  • Post-operative pain less
  • Patient compliance increased

The piezoelectric surgery was introduced by Professor Vercellotti in the year 1988. It was introduced in the medical industry for precisely cutting the bone to overcome the disadvantages of rotary equipment's.

Mechanism of Piezoelectric Effect

Piezoelectricity is found in some crystals those are called piezoelectric crystals includes Quartz, Rochelle salts, certain ceramic items etc. The transducer converts the oscillating electric field applied to the crystals into mechanical vibrations. Piezosurgery Units is connected to a handpiece with a tip which works by  the micro-vibrations.

Structure of Piezoelectric Device

A piezoelectric device consists of a. main unit with the display of parameters, a saline tubing holder, power cable to connect with the electricity, handpiece with tubing to attach with the main unit. Various tips for different surgical procedures and a foot pedal for controlling the programs and functioning the handpiece.

Advantages of Piezosurgery Dental Machine
  • Micrometric Bone Cutting: It provides precise cutting efficiency without hampering the extra bone structure. It leads to minimal invasion and reduced post-operative trauma to the patient.
  • Selective Cutting: It Spares the delicate soft tissues around the bony structure and prevents the injury, hence maintains the soft tissue intact.
  • Enhance Tissue healing property: It works with ultrasonic vibration, also due to minimal invasion, the osteoblastic cells get aggravated and the tissue healing property is greatly enhanced.
  • Reduced thermal damage to the vital tissues: Piezosurgery device provides maximum cooling effect as it works on piezoelectric vibrations and not rotary method. Hence saves the vital tissues from necrosis.
  • Reduced Bleeding with cavitation effect: The bone cutting using piezosurgery unit causes micro-coagulation by the cavitation mechanism. The creation of bubbles from physiological salt solutions and implosion that generate shock wave causing micro coagulation. It leads to bleeding free surgical site.
  • Enhance visibility: Due to bleeding free surgical site, the visibility of the operational field is greatly increased.
  • Great control on the handpiece: As the device works by ultrasonic vibration, the control on the handpiece is enhanced which will provide a smooth cutting experience to the dentist.
  • Reduced post-operative trauma to the patient: Because of the minimal invasion technique the post-operative trauma of the patient e.g. pain, swelling etc. is greatly reduced. Hence increases patient comfort.
  • Reduce Patient Stress: Due to the micro-vibration, the device produces very less noise and hence it increases the patient comfort level by reducing the stress and fear for the surgical procedure. 
Clinical Applications of Piezosurgery Device
  • Oral surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Periodontics surgery
  • Endodontic surgery
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthognathic surgery
  • ENT surgery
Applications of Piezosurgery Device

The piezosurgery device is used for all types of osteotomy, osteoplasty and bone grafting procedures. Few examples are as below:

  1. Sinus Lifting: Direct or Indirect
  2. Bone splitting
  3. Ridge expansion
  4. Impacted tooth extraction
  5. Root stump extraction
  6. Ankylosed tooth extraction
  7. Apicectomy
  8. Retrograde endodontic procedures
  9. Alveoloplasty
  10. Bulk bone graft
  11. Bony Crown extension
  12. Implant site preparation
  13. Periodontal surgery e.g. curettage
  14. Nerve lateralization or transposition

The piezosurgery device is secure, efficient and accurate to operate the bone surgery. Dental professionals can do it comfortably because it allows the patient a secured and comfortable space because of the minimal invasion of the associated structures. This provides improved visualization of the surgical field. Because of the device, the soft tissues remain unharmed. The prediction accuracy and the rate of success in this surgical device is high, as the post-operative complications can be prevented without increase in the surgery time. Best dental deals have piezosurgery devices from renowned global brands in reasonable price.

Brand: Woodpecker Model: Ultrasurgery X
Woodpecker DTE Surgery X, a piezosurgery unit to perform precise and safe osteotomy dental surgical procedures. It is a 3rd generation equipment. Controlling various surgery with a piezosurgery handpiece is excellent because compared to a drill, the force needed by surgeons to impact a cut on a hard tissue is much less. The burs operated by a micromotor require greater force, produced by imposing increased hand pressure. It is used for various surgical procedures such as minimally invasive..
₹202,000 ₹210,000
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Frequently Asked Questions

As per the bone density the power can be set in Surgery X Piezosurgery unit. 

             a) Power 6-7: Very high bone density

             b) Power 4-5: High bone density

             c) Power 3-4: Middle bone density

             d) Power 2-3: Low bone density

             e) Power 1: Very low bone density

Piezosurgery unit helps in micrometric bone cutting that range from 20 µm to 200 µm due to ultrasonic piezoelectric vibration, which offers superior precision with very less bone loss.

NSK Variosurg3 piezosurgery unit has the burst mode that provides a hammered drill effect. It helps in effortless cutting of high-density bone by boosting the power on the tip.

Piezosurgery unit has a wide range of applications in Oral & maxillofacial surgery, implantology, orthognathic surgery, periodontics surgery, endodontics surgery, ENT surgery, cosmetic surgery etc. 

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