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Surgical Equipment

Surgical Equipment

In last few years dentistry has developed to a certain extent where maximum dental treatment procedures are carried out by use of highly advanced Surgical Equipment's. If the profession specializes on general dentistry and conducts certain surgical operations or the practice is committed primarily to deliver surgical services, dental surgical equipment's in India has become an essential part for Dentist. Dental surgeries include impacted tooth extraction, implant insertion, bone grafts or various soft tissue procedures etc. 

Dental Surgical Equipment's includes:

  • Implant Motor or Physio dispenser
  • Piezo surgery unit
  • Soft Tissue Lasers

Implant Motor: Commonly known as physio dispenser. It provides stable speed and torque for implant insertion without complications. It also come with varieties of optic and non-optic as per the requirement by the dentist. The torque value of these implant motors helps in better drilling of the bone without tissue necrosis or bony fractures. We have the range of implant motors listed from basic to advanced technology from renowned global brands in discounted prices.

Piezo Surgery Unit: This device is used for precise bone cutting surgery using ultrasonic vibration. The modulated frequency of the device is enough for osteotomy procedure without hampering the soft tissues, hence known a soft tissue sparing technique. It is better than rotary as it helps in precise bone cutting along with faster healing of the bone tissues. Due to its micron cutting efficiency the post-operative trauma to the patient is greatly reduced.

Soft Tissue Lasers: Traditional soft tissue surgery using scalpel and blade can lead to post-operative trauma to the patient, also many complications after surgery may take place. Dental soft tissue laser omits the fear from the patient by offering them comfort, less bleeding and faster recovery. Dental laser therapy can also restore the damaged tissue. Hence dental lasers are now-a-days are well recognized among dental professionals due to its high level of patient acceptance.

All these oral surgical equipment's are listed in Best dental deals with best discounted prices, available online with easy delivery to the dental clinics directly in India. These include equipment's from renowned global brands those are highly durable and value for money products for dentists.

Brand: Biolase Model:  151043EPICX
Epic X diode laser system, imported from Biolase USA.  Biolase is devoted to delivering the industry with the finest standards and the most robust dental lasers. Unicorn Denmart is the sole distributor of Biolase in India to provide every Indian dentist the extensive sales & service support and to make this process even easier, this is also available online in the best dental deals at a very decent price. Epic X diode laser is devoted to delivering the industry with the finest stan..
₹360,000 ₹421,000
Brand: Biolase Model: iLase
Biolase iLase is a soft tissue diode laser from a very renowned brand from the USA i.e. It is widely accepted by every dentist due to its excellent functionality and high durability. It is the world’s leading manufacturer that allows for various dental surgical procedures with minimum invasion utilizing a patented diode laser system. Biolase iLase diode laser is designed for any dentist with the use of superior technology. The modern and innovative iLase gives dental professionals an a..
₹175,000 ₹198,000
Brand: NSK Model: Surgic Pro Non-Optic
Unicorn Denmart is offering its customer a highly suitable range of Physiodispenser for professional use, which is NSK Physiodispenser Surgic-Pro non-optic. This device is engineered by using state-of-the-art technology that ensures its high performance and reliability. Moreover, this surgic pro physidispenser meets all the requirements for surgery and implantology with maximum precision as it really stands out for its versatility and safety.Specifications:Power SupplyAC120V or 230V 50..
₹144,300 ₹150,000
Brand: NSK Model: Surgic Pro
NSK Surgic Pro implant motor from NSK. NSK provides state-of-the-art technology to significantly improve clinical efficiency. Surgic Pro is small, lightweight and strong to offer all  professionals need in a reliable way. The  control unit features a professional touch, including a large LCD backlight panel with high visibility and simple control buttons to provide a safer and more user-friendly working environment. NSK LEDs produce natural daylight quality light to illuminate the ..
₹177,600 ₹185,000
NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro+ Optic NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro+ Optic
Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: Surgic Pro Plus
NSK offers advanced technology to dramatically boost clinical Performance of a dental professional.  Implant motor from NSK Surgic Pro+ is compact, lightweight and efficient implant motor to meet the requirements of the dental professionals in a reliable way. The ultimate technology of NSK Surgic Pro+ allows calibration of the handpiece and the motor prior to operation for a smooth and controlled surgical procedure. The multi-functional Foot Control allows all functions of the dev..
₹210,900 ₹220,000
Brand: NSK Model: SURGIC_AP
NSK Surgical AP, which gives high precision to advanced implant motors. Its brushless surgical motor satisfies professional criteria and delivers outstanding clinical results.NSK Surgical AP is made especially for oral and implant surgery and provides all the strength and endurance you need for these procedures. Together with a large velocity range of 200-40,000 min-1, 210 watts of Power and 50 NCM of torque deliver flexibility and rapid response needed for a variet..
₹115,000 ₹118,000
Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: Variosurg3
NSK Variosurg3 piezosurgery unit from NSK, Japan. NSK is renowned brand worldwide for its high durable and reliable products with outstanding performance that help dental professional to carry out treatment in a smarter way. Wattage is not merely a component that determines ultrasonic surgery's cutting performance and success. For handling high power and cutting efficiency, the power factor between the frequency of the three components, control unit, hand-piece vibration characteristics, and tip..
₹335,944 ₹352,750
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Implant-X
Implant X physiodispenser from brand Woodpecker, a renowned brand in China. Woodpecker DTE is dedicated to manufacturing advanced dental equipment with high durability and reliability. Woodpecker coheres to the principle of improved quality, core technology R&D, and the availability of cost-effective dental equipment. DTE Implant X is an implant micromotor with improved precision for dental implant placement with greater strength and enhanced safety features. Tooth replacement with a gr..
₹104,500 ₹109,750
Woodpecker Surgery X Woodpecker Surgery X
Out Of Stock
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Ultrasurgery X
Woodpecker DTE Surgery X, a piezosurgery unit to perform precise and safe osteotomy dental surgical procedures. It is a 3rd generation equipment. Controlling various surgery with a piezosurgery handpiece is excellent because compared to a drill, the force needed by surgeons to impact a cut on a hard tissue is much less. The burs operated by a micromotor require greater force, produced by imposing increased hand pressure. It is used for various surgical procedures such as minimally invasive..
₹201,600 ₹208,000
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