Dental professionals face a tremendous challenge in their day-to-day practice: maintaining or improving revenue while ensuring that patient safety remains at the top priority. To get rid of microorganisms from reusable dental instruments that could get contaminated with saliva, blood, or other oral fluids during dental treatments, sterilization, through dental autoclave, is a crucial step in dentistry.



All living forms, including fungi, bacteria, viruses, prions, spores, and plasmodium, are destroyed during sterilization. Sterilization, done by dental autoclave sterilizer, aims to break the cycle of possible patient cross-infection by eradicating microorganisms.


Importance of sterilization:

• Prevents the growth of diseases: Because dental instruments that can be reused are infected with microbes, sterilization stops the development of diseases by eliminating the microorganisms.

• Prevents the spread of diseases: Sterilization stops the transmission of infection from one person to another.

• Prevents the need for retreatment: If non-sterile tools are used during a procedure, it could result in a number of complications that call for retreatment.


Anticipating and controlling infection is the key purpose of these safety protocols. The welfare of the patients and workers employed in the same dental clinic is entrusted to the dental professionals. In this way they should prepare a systematic procedure to minimize the transmission of pollution and to create safe air for their patients and workers.


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