NSK S-Max M95 Internal Spray Contra Angle Handpiece

  • Rs 26,000.00

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    One of the most efficient speed increasing handpieces, S-Max M95 1:5 Speed Increasing Handpiece is perfect for Crown Preparation. Owing to its functional design, Incomparable Powerful Cutting and Superb Grip, this hanpiece effectively cuts through metal and enamel with ease.

    Besides, this ergonomic and well balanced handpiece is durable & quiet and allows good accessibility.


    • Cellular glass optics
    • Clean Head System
    • Quattro Water Spray
    • Excellent Stability
    • Ceramic Bearings
    • Push Button Chuck


    Gear Ratio1:5 Increasing
    Used forFG burs (Ø1.6)
    Water Spray
    Quattro Spray
    Max Speed
    200,000 min-1
    Body Material

    Warranty: 1 Year

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