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Runyes Class N Autoclave - QI 16L

Runyes Class N Autoclave - QI 16L
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Runyes Class N Autoclave - QI 16L
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  • Brand: Runyes
  • Model: QI16L

Best Dental Deals presents Runyes N class Autoclave - QI 16L is designed for the sterilization of solid unwrapped instruments. It is a nonvacuum sterilizer which evacuates the air out of the chamber by thermodynamic air displacement. N Autoclave is a front-loading autoclave with safety features which makes it fit for small spaces.

Key Features For N Class Autoclave:

  • Digital display of temperature for easy visualization during the sterilization cycle.
  • Easy to operate due to the user-friendly control panel.
  • Easy to clean gaskets make it more durable.
  • Easily replaceable gaskets when damaged.
  • Imported Italy Sirai valve - a specialized solenoid valve for proper maintenance of steam during the sterilization cycle.
  • Temperature selection option for user-friendly operation.
  • Temperature the deviation is less than 0.5ᴼC.
  • More efficient heating of heating elements due to high power.




Chamber Material




Temperature Selection

121ᴼC, 134ᴼC

Sterilization Time

20 min - 121ᴼC, 6 min - 134ᴼC


440mm × 575mm × 370mm

Usage Instructions for N-Type Autoclave:

  • Connect the energy plug to the socket and switch on the power button.
  • Open the door and pour in 350ml of water inside the chamber using a dosing cup.
  • Put unwrapped solid instruments on the trays and place them inside the chamber.
  • Close the door and select temperature on the control the panel then starts the sterilization cycle.
  • After the sterilization cycle, 3 beep sounds will come.
  • Wait for the depressurization and remove the instrument tray using a tray holder.

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