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Runyes Innova Gold Dental Chair

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Key Features :

  • Base: Anti-skid sleek acrylic base provides a firm grip.
  • Motor: Taiwan dual heavy-duty motor (Timotion brand) and an anti–crushing system in the base prevent any unnecessary breakage to the object kept on the base during downward movement of the chair.
  • Emergency on-off switch- near the knee of the doctor to immediately stop all chair movements in case of an emergency. The base also has an integrated dedicated switch for the chair movements.
  • Foot Control: is the traditional pressing type with the function of chip air and chip water and has a retraction valve that is used to blow air or spray water during dental procedures without rotation of the bur and also saves time for the dentist.
  • Upholstery: Stitched sofa-type leather upholstery with Interior Panel Adopt Plastic Injection(HDPE) technology.
  • Assistant Arm: Movable assistant arm is equipped with a low vac suction, a high vac suction, a 3-way syringe, and an extra holder.
  • Time Delay Function in the suctions, that keeps the suction ON for 3 sec for proper drainage of the aspirated liquid and maintenance of hygiene.

Vendor : Unicorn
  • Upholstery: Stitched sofa-type leather upholstery with Interior Panel Adopt Plastic Injection(HDPE) technology. The “H” type stitches present on the backrest contain air tunnels that maintain the airflow and proper blood circulation in the back of the patient. This provides extra comfort to the patient during long dental procedures. chair synchronization between the backrest and seat to prevent adjustment of the patient during chair movement. This enhances patient comfort.
  • Water Unit: Water unit has magnetic shutters on both sides, giving this chair a unique look, also it is very time-saving for the service engineer to remove the shutter without any screwdrivers or other tools. It has a detachable independent filter net for easy cleaning of the solid suctioned particles to prevent water clogging and foul smell inside the dental clinic. The water supply of the chair comes with a temperature control option to suit the patient’s comfort. The lukewarm water setting can be useful for patients with hypersensitivity.
  • Delivery Unit: It comes with the overhead type of delivery unit with a pneumatic locking arm to prevent any displacement during dental procedures. Also, it is a “Balanced Delivery Unit” as it has no locks. It prevents the backpressure and prevent hand fatigue for the dentist.  It has 3 customized programs and 2 prefixed programs of zero position and the last working position to give the dentist flexible operation. The delivery unit has 3 air rotor points, a 3-way syringe, and a factory-fitted Woodpecker Inbuilt Optic Scaler (v3) thereby helping you minimize additional costs required for their purchase. The handpiece coupling has a Non-Retraction Valve to prevent the backflow of the oral fluids inside the handpiece tubing and to prevent cross-contamination
  • Dental Light: It comes with proximity sensor-based 4 LED lights with excellent durability. The handles are easily detachable and autoclavable for hygiene maintenance purposes. The dental light can be easily adjustable for improved visibility inside the oral cavity.

Product Description of Innova Gold Dental Chair

Power supply

220V 50Hz


6.5 * 4.5 Ft

Light Intensity

30,000 Lux

Operational Instructions for Runyes Innova Gold Dental Chair

The dental chair is installed as per the site planning by the service engineer with all the connections including electricity, drainage, water inlet, and the air inlet.

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