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Genoray Portable X-Ray (Port X II) With Combo of Crystal RVG Genoray Portable X-Ray (Port X II) With Combo of Crystal RVG
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Brand: Runyes Model: portxii+Crystal Rvg
X-Ray units are the most important equipment in dentistry in order to treat the patients with more efficiency and effectively. We have a wide assortment of AC and DC Xrays, out of which we are offering GENORAY PORT X II DC Xray, which is AERB approved at a reasonable rate. This X-ray ..
₹206,000 ₹217,000
Runyes AC Dental X-Ray
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Brand: Runyes Model: RAY68 AC
Option to choose between Floor & Wall Mount (A/C model)AERB ApprovedFeatures:Soft Scissor arm70 kVp/7mA X-Ray tubeFocal Spot 0.8 mmFocal Length 20 cmInherent Filtration ≥0.5 mm ALExposure Time 0.06 to 2.0 secondTube Head & cone are internally LEAD coatedRemote control for exposureMicroproces..
₹97,210 ₹102,000
Runyes Autoclave - Class B (FENG 23 ltr)
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Brand: Runyes Model: FENG 23
Best Dental Deals presents an advanced Runyes B Class Autoclave with a triple vacuum cycle, provides 100% assurance of sterilization of used instruments & annihilation of bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores, etc. It is very user friendly & easy to operate. B type autoclave 23 liters is a f..
₹115,000 ₹125,000
Runyes Class N Autoclave - QI 16L
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Brand: Runyes Model: QI16L
Best Dental Deals presents Runyes N class Autoclave - QI 16L is designed for the sterilization of solid unwrapped instruments. It is a nonvacuum sterilizer which evacuates the air out of the chamber by thermodynamic air displacement. N Autoclave is a front-loading autoclave with safety feat..
₹70,000 ₹84,500
Brand: Runyes Model: Innova-Pad
Ningbo Runyes Medical Instruments Co. Ltd. Established in 2000 and is an invisible leader in the field of contemporary dental apparatus. Ningbo Runyes puts emphasis on the brand establishment and has accepted the certification of authorization in 92 countries includes USA, Europe, etc. Runyes Innova..
₹288,500 ₹303,000
Brand: Runyes Model: innova_gold
Runyes Innova Gold Dental Chair is available with LED Light and assisted with overhead delivery unit. Further, offered chair is provided along with built-in optic scaler and scaling tips.Features:• Overhead Delivery Unit.• Balanced delivery unit without locks.• Acrylic sleek base (grey colour) to pr..
₹310,000 ₹325,800
Runyes Ray 68 DC Wall Mount X-Ray
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Brand: Runyes Model: RAY68DC
Unicorn Denmart is offering a new model of DC X-ray from the house of Runyes further incorporated with consistent high potential high frequency DC Generator. Since, it is a DC X-ray, operator will get the more clear image with respect to 15-20 times lesser X-ray dose as compared to AC X-Rays, which ..
₹129,000 ₹135,500
Runyes Sea 16L N Autoclave
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Brand: Runyes Model: Sea16l
Temperature digital displayImported Italy Sirai ValveGasket is easy to be cleanedTemperature deviation is less than 0.5 Degree Celsius1800W heating elements, speed up the heating, more efficientVoltage: 220 V or 120 VFrequency: 50Hz/60HzPower: 1800WChamber Capacity: 16LSterilization temperature: 121..
₹76,220 ₹80,000
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