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Brand: Runyes Model: FENG 23
Runyes B Class Autoclave with a triple vacuum cycle, provides 100% assurance of sterilization of used instruments & annihilation of bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores, etc. It is very user friendly & easy to operate. B type autoclave 23 liters is a front-loading autoclave with innovative technology and an intelligent drying system, best for all your dental instruments e.g. unwrapped/wrapped, solid/hollow, porous/non-porous instruments.Key Features: Double door lock system for ..
₹125,000 ₹130,000
Brand: Runyes Model: Innova-Pad
Ningbo Runyes Medical Instruments Co. Ltd. Established in 2000 and is an invisible leader in the field of contemporary dental apparatus. Ningbo Runyes puts emphasis on the brand establishment and has accepted the certification of authorization in 92 countries includes USA, Europe, etc. Runyes Innova Pad dental chair has an excellent ergonomic design with smart electronics that require minimal space and grants the freedom to the dentist to work on their own preference.Here are some Key features o..
₹275,000 ₹303,000
Brand: Runyes Model: innova_gold
Runyes Innova Gold Dental Chair from Medical Instrument Co Ltd., a medical instrument company from Ningbo China. It is a leading manufacturer of dental chairs, steam sterilisers and other digital products. It has made a lot of quality and price efforts and has become the most reputable dental equipment brand. It has been awarded for the quality management and design dominant business style creativity. Also it has paid attention to meeting all the doctor’s requirements while taking care of ..
₹275,000 ₹325,800
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