Portable Dental Pulp Vitality Tester

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  • Dental Pulp Vitality Tester produces an electric current through electrodes to generate an action potential in A-delta nerve fiber within tooth pulp.
  • Preset speed mode (high-mid-low speed) for multi-function of a partial vital or complete dead tooth.
  • If the patient indicates perception, simply release the button. The stimulus stopped immediately, but the numbers remain frozen on the screen for about 3 mins
  • Range of 0-40 show vitality of tooth by mild ache or anesthesia
  • Range of 40-80 show partial dead or complete dead tooth vitality of tooth by mild ache or anesthesia,
  • 6-month warranty

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Pulp Tester is a vital and necessary diagnostic device for dental practitioners, mostly for endodontists. A sensitivity test is performed when the clinician finds any infection in the pulp. For checking the sensory reaction of pulp health, and vasculature inside the pulp chamber, an electric pulp tester becomes the most useful device.


• Convenient to use

• Very economical

• Highly durable product with excellent performance

• Battery operated for better portability

• Modes: High, Medium, Low

• Input: DC 9V

Operational Instructions of Pulp Vitality Tester:

Conducting paste is applied on the tooth surface which needs to be tested, mostly the patient’s own saliva or toothpaste is applied as a medium for electricity conduction. Then switch on the device and the Lowest mode is chosen. The electric current is gradually increased (Modes) unless the patient raises the hand for sensation. After recording the lowest perceptible current for the desired tooth to be tested, the adjacent tooth or contralateral tooth is also checked in the same manner for comparison of sensation.

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