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Piezosurgery Units

Piezosurgery Units
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Ultrasurgery X
Offered model is a third generation of Woodpecker Ultrasurgery which is designed to perform numerous Clinical Applications namely, minimally invasive tooth extraction, Intralift, Sinus Lift, Alveoloplasty, apical cyst extraction, Crown extension, Crest Splitting etc.Design Features:Tips Kit: Special..
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Ultra-surgery 60W
Unicorn Denmart is offering you an economical product in Piezosurgery units, namely Woodpecker Ultrasurgery Unit 60W with LED. In this modern era, technology has become so advanced that even dentistry becomes so easy and accurate. Offered Piezosurgery unit is ergonomically designed by..
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