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NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro + Optic

NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro + Optic
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NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro + Optic
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  • Brand: NSK
  • Model: Surgic Pro Plus

Physiodispenser Surgic Pro + is an advance and innovative system given by NSK that greatly enhance the clinical performance. Offered unit is designed in such a way that it can be combined with ultrasonic bone surgery system i.e Variosurg3 through with the link cable.


Power Supply
AC120V or 230V 50/60 Hz
Max. Pump Output
75 mL/min
8 Programs / Implant Systems
W 268 x D 220 x H 100 (mm)
1 port
Built in Memory
100 min
5-80 Ncm
Motor Speed
200~40,000 min-1
Light Power (LED Micromotor)
over 32,000 LUX
Foot Control Functions
Program Button,
Speed Control Pedal Coolant Solution,
Flow Volume Button, Forward / Reverse Button

Contents in a Package:

  • Control Unit with data storage facility
  • SGL70M LED Micromotor
  • FC-78 Foot Control
  • X-DSG20L Optic Handpiece (20:1 Reduction)
  • Irrigation tube (5 pcs.) and other accessories


  • 1 Year

Feature • Control Unit with data storage facility • Hands-free program adjustments via foot control • Large and clear display for enhanced safety • Highly compact, reliable and powerful • Impeccable accuracy • High precision calibration • NSKs proprietary Advanced Handpiece Calibration (AHC) ensures the correct torque value required for specific treatments • Superior durability supporting high temperature sterilization • Control unit incorporating an array of sophisticated functions

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