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O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)

O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)
O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)
O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)
O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)
O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)
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O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)
O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)
O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)
O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)
O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)
O2 N95 FaceMask (Pack of 100 Mask)

Best dental deals offer N95 mask in a reasonable price from O2 Plus brand in India. In its fully automatic computerized factory, O2 plus is an Indian based corporation engaged in producing and selling world class products. All goods are thoroughly checked by reputed organizations and regulatory authorities and licensed by them. By offering you world class security, every O2 plus product assures you peace of mind. O2 Plus allows for optimal hygiene efficiency levels to be achieved. The Best Dental Deals will help you buy a decent quality N95 mask online at a competitive discount.

Key Features of O2 N95 Mask:

Non-oil, non-woven electrostatic ultra-soft polypropylene fiber mask 

Effective filtration of all air-borne contaminants like dust, fumes, mist etc. with an efficiency of 95% up to 0.3-micron size. 

Very comfortable for people working in commercial, industrial, healthcare professionals, construction field. 

Consists of 6 layers that protects from respiratory diseases and air-borne transmitted infections e.g. Covid19, SARS, MERS, Influenza virus etc. 

Easily breathable and prevents heat build-up.

Adjustable nose pin for perfect fit and soft & comfortable ear loops to prevent pain in ear.

Fluid resistant that make it more durable and also washable to maintain hygiene. 

Recommended by CDC (Centre for disease control) and OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Associations)

Instructions to Wear N95 Mask:

Hold the ear loops & place the mask firmly over your nose, mouth, and chin.

Stretch both ear loops to place it behind your ear.

Press the nose stripe gently against the bridge of the nose to fit it closely.

Check the gaps between face and mask.

Instructions to Remove O2 N95 Mask:

Remove Mask from face holding only the ear loops

Be gentle to avoid disturbing liquid & solid contaminants on the mask.

Secure the bag tightly. Place the plastic bag into the garbage can

Wash hands immediately after disposing of your mask

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