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NSK S-Max M65 - Internal Spray Straight Handpiece

M65 handpiece from the S-Max series of NSK. This Internal Spray Straight Handpiece provides ease of operation to the dentist with its unique features that make this handpiece widely acceptable. For each dental professional we make this handpiece available to carry out dental procedures such as denture trimming, polishing, etc. in a reasonable price.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel body with comfort grip reduces hand fatigue for a dentist
  • Water spray for an enhanced cooling effect and better washing of the debris.
  • Clean head system prevents the cross-contamination by blocking the passage of contaminated water to enter to S-Max M65 straight handpiece when negative pressure is created.
  • Rotate and insert bur with bur stopper makes it easy to switch burs during dental procedures. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Drive: 1:1 direct drive
  • Compatibility: HP Burs (Ø2.35) / CA burs (Ø2.35)
  • Water Spray: Single Spray
  • Non-Optic
  • Max Speed: 40,000 rpm 

NSK M65 Instructions:

Attach the NSK S-Max M65 - Internal Spray Straight Handpiece with an Air motor/ Micromotor and start using it. 

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