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NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro+ Optic

NSK offers advanced technology to dramatically boost clinical Performance of a dental professional.  Implant motor from NSK Surgic Pro+ is compact, lightweight and efficient implant motor to meet the requirements of the dental professionals in a reliable way. The ultimate technology of NSK Surgic Pro+ allows calibration of the handpiece and the motor prior to operation for a smooth and controlled surgical procedure. 

The multi-functional Foot Control allows all functions of the device to be operated, without touching the control panel within the pre-set parameters to prevent unintended activation of the micromotor beyond the preset limits, also it provides aseptic operation to maintain the hygiene inside the dental clinic and prevent the risk of surface transmitted infections. 

LED illumination allows doctors to concentrate more comfortably on the patient area and leads to accurate surgery. It is possible to view and download treatment data using a USB memory stick. Surgic Pro+ also have the Link function which allows to run both the Surgic Pro Implant Engine and the VarioSurg3 Ultrasound Bone Surgery System with a single foot control by attaching the two systems to the connecting cable. Put the two units on the Link Stand and create a space-saving, compact, all-encompassing centre for surgical treatment. 

Key Features of NSK Surgic Pro Plus Implant Motor:
  • Controlled speed for drilling inside the bone
  • Powerful torque, help to place implant even in denser bone.
  • Large backlit LCD Display to see & check the displayed data
  • User can save up to 8 preferred settings (speed, torque, coolant flow and rotational direction) for any implant system.
  • Control Unit with advanced hand piece calibration for torque & speed accuracy
  • Data Accessibility - Treatment data can be accessed & downloaded using a USB memory stick. (USB memory stick is optional)
  • Micro motor with 2-meter Cord, easy to operate
  • Data Storage facility - Can record the date, speed, rotational direction, torque, gear ratio, coolant solution flow volume up to 100min, with no special software needed.
  • With X-DSG20L dismantlable Hand piece (Optic), make it easy for cleaning
  • Control panel with hand piece light Intensity variation control (Off / Medium / High)

Technical Specification:

  • Power Supply: AC 120 V or 230 V 50/60 Hz
  • Max. Pump Output: 75 mL / min
  • Programs: 8 Programs / Implant Systems
  • Dimensions: W 268 x D 220 x H 100 mm
  • USB I/F: 1 Port
  • Built in Memory: 100 min
  • Torque: 5-80 Ncm
  • Motor Speed: 200-40,000 min-1
  • Light Power (LED Micromotor): Over 32,000 LUX
  • Foot Control Functions: Program Button, Speed Control Pedal,  
  • Coolant Solution Flow Volume Button, Forward / Reverse Button
Operational Instruction of NSK Surgic Pro+ Optic:

Attach the power cable to the backside of the device and the foot control cable. Link the motor to the cord by matching the red dot on the unit with the main unit. On the given notch, position the saline holder and attach the saline container. Connect the handpiece via the external pump with the motor and the saline irrigation tubing with the handpiece. Turn on the device now. Pick the software, adjust the implant system's speed and torque (IF REQUIRED), mount the drill, and now the device is ready for the implant procedure.

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