NSK IPEX II Apex Locater

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    Unicorn Denmart is offering a highly advanced Apex Loctaor known as iPex II from the brand NSK. Built by using the results of numerous clinical trials and verification tests, this smart logic next-generation Apex Locator is compatible with diverse tooth forms. Additionally, it provides superior accuracy in detecting the root apex. At the biologically crucial root apex - the Zone of Precision - the iPex is able to provide a clear, accurate image of the file tip’s location on its LCD panel.'


    • High-precision root canal measurement generated by using Smart Logic
    • Auto-detects the apex accurately in any conditions, dry or wet
    • A stylish and compact body requiring only a small space. It can even be located on the dental equipment console
    • Three different alert sounds depending on the location of the file tip, ensuring precise procedures
    • A big three-colour LCD panel with very low reflectivity, allowing Clinicians to accurately and instantly monitor procedure progress
    • Energy saving & low operation cost
    • Great accuracy in wet or dry canal
    • The NSK iPex has multi-frequency measuring technology
    • User friendly interface
    • Large Hi-contrast LCD screen
    • Audible warning system
    • Auto power shut-off

    Technical Specifications:

    ModeliPex II
    Power SourceDC 4.5V
    Rated Power100mW
    Measurement VoltageAC 80mV or less
    Measurement Current
    AC 100μA or less
    Reflective color LCD display
    Control Unit Dimensions
    W60 × D60 × H86.5 mm
    Control Unit Weight
    About 76g (Dry Cell Batteries excluded)
    Continuous operation of 60 hours
    3 color LED indicating of file movement inside the canal

    Contents in the Package:

    • Control Unit - 1
    • Probe (1.8m) - 1
    • File Clip - 3 Pcs
    • Lip Hook - 3 Pcs
    • Dry Cell Battery - 3
    • Tester - 1

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