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NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT

NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
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NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
1 Year

Best Dental Deals present Endomate AT, an extremely configurable endodontic motor that is fully compliant with all of the major Ni-Ti brands. The dentist will experience the same sensory feedback as traditional filing with this handpiece, although the chance of the file locking and breakage is minimized. By different automated controls. Thanks to the characteristics such as the non-reflective LCD Screen allowing for greater visibility and provides faster clarification of the setting. Endodontic techniques are facilitated with guaranteed accuracy with this NSK Endomate AT. 

Key Features for Endomate AT NSK:

  • Enhanced Visibility:  The ultra-slim nature of the handpiece head and body significantly enhances the direct and indirect visibility of the operational field, including when applied for the challenging areas of access inside the oral cavity.
  • Greater Comfort Handpiece: The compact and light-weight handpiece is designed for intuitive hand support especially when very delicate motion is required. The On/Off switch is quickly accessible for operation.
  • Major Ni-Ti Files Compatibility: 9 different programs of File Systems can be memorized easily by the push of the “Memory” Button on the Endomotor with different Speed and Torque.
  • Auto-Reverse Function:  This auto-reverse function is switched on to allow the file to rotate in the reverse direction when the pre-set torque value is reached. It helps to preserve the original curvature of the canal and increase the file life span and minimizing the risk of file breakage.
  • Brushless Motor: This provides smooth functioning without vibration and no heat generation, allows the dentist to work for a longer duration.
  • Autoclavable Handpiece Head: It prevents the cross-contamination between patients and maintain hygiene in the clinic environment.

Technical Specifications:

No of Programs



W268 x D230 x H103 (mm)

Gear Ratios

20:1, 4:1, 1:1


1 Year


342 gm

Max Speed

100~13,000 rpm

Power Supply

AC 230V 50Hz

Max Torque

7 Ncm (When used 20:1 Gear Ratio)

Operational Instruction:

Switch on the power button. Choose the program. Set up the Speed and Torque. Choose the gear ratio. Press the Auto Reverse On button. Connect the file with the handpiece head. The device is now ready to use.

Warranty* - 1 Year

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