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NSK Anti Retraction Adapter (ARA)

NSK Anti Retraction Adapter (ARA)
NSK Anti Retraction Adapter (ARA)
NSK puts user protection first and takes care of the wellbeing of the clinic. To ensure patient and dental professional protection, NSK offers integ..

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NSK puts user protection first and takes care of the wellbeing of the clinic. To ensure patient and dental professional protection, NSK offers integrated solutions for the prevention of infections. NSK's revolutionary innovations that reduce the risk of infection caused by water pressure  and rotary instruments.

ANTI RETRACTION ADAPTER (ARA) restricts the contaminant backflow into the waterline of the air turbine/dental chair tubing.


  • The built-in Anti-Retraction valve prevents the reverse flow into waterline of the handpiece.   
  • The adapter is applicable for any M4 or B2 connection tubing of dental chair and handpieces
  • Newly developed duckbill valve installed in the adapter gives extra longevity. The efficacy remains for years of usage.


  • The adapter is designed for any M4/B2 Air-Turbine.
  • Easy installation on tubing of the dental chair with M4 / B2 direct connection
  • Air-Turbine make it easy to utilize for dental professionals.
  • Just connect the adapter between Air-turbine and tubing of the dental chair.   
  • The adapter is designed to be autoclavable up to135.
  • Its Reasonable price make it modest for all.

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