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NSK Scaler - Varios 570 Scaler

NSK Scaler - Varios 570 Scaler
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NSK Scaler - Varios 570 Scaler
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  • Brand: NSK
  • Model: Varios 570

Best Dental Deals offer Varios 570 Scaler from NSK, one of the largest and the most renowned brands in India catering to the wide needs of dental professionals. NSK maintains global standards with all its products and has largely been the pioneer of dental handpieces and high-speed rotary systems. Being a manufacturer of medical equipment, the brand is extensively dedicated to environmental sustainability.


The NSK Varios Scaler is an excellent product that ensures stable frequency, excellent tactile sensation and consistent power output throughout the procedure thereby enhancing safety in scaling and root planing procedures. Hence, you can confidently use the product for anterior and posterior scaling and root planning for both adults and pediatric patients by using different sets of scaling tips. 

Key Features of the NSK Varios Scaler:

  • Powered by the iPiezo engine, which offers stable frequency output
  • Feedback Function: It provides the tip with the necessary power depending on the condition of the surface of the tooth for e.g. to remove hard calculus.
  • Auto Tuning Function: At the selected power range, it provides the tip with a steady frequency. It makes it possible for the operator to feel the power output that guarantees the best performance.
  • Within the range of power mode given, the power level can be fine-tuned. In particular, for more efficient periodontal treatment, the P mode offers limited yet steady control.
  • Simple power setting with a larger dial size
  • Twin LED feature for greater tissue visibility – immensely helps in reducing the risk of soft tissue injuries and cuts.
  • Easy – to – use the foot control
  • Slim and extremely lightweight product with an ultra-compact body to reduce hand fatigue.
  • Comes with a unique sterilization case so you can sterilize the handpiece, tips and tip wrenches together
  • The handpiece is also washable with a Thermo disinfector and autoclavable at 135 degree C to prevent any risk of cross-contamination and maintain the hygiene of the dental clinic.

The Scaler Dental NSK has the ability to remove finer debris of up to 11.5 µm in size, which corresponds with greater removal of infectious agents and greater oral hygiene than what is offered with the use of other products.

Technical Specifications:


43 grams

Power Supply

AC 100V  50Hz


28-32 KHz

Max. output

11W(G mode)


G (General), P (Perio) & E (Endo)


W160 x D135 x H65 (mm)

3 Tips

G4, G6 & G8


28-32 KHz

Operational Instructions for using NSK Varios 570 Scaler

  • It is installed with an extra utility tray in the delivery unit and water connection is given. The foot control is attached to the unit and now the unit is ready to be used.
  • G4, G6 and G8 scaling tips will be included with the product. It will also come with an AC adaptor and a water supply connector along with FC – 70 foot control, tip wrenches with a torque limiter, and handpiece and handpiece cords. 


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