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NSK IPEX II Apex Locator

 NSK IPEX II Apex Locator
 NSK IPEX II Apex Locator
 NSK IPEX II Apex Locator
 NSK IPEX II Apex Locator
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 NSK IPEX II Apex Locator
 NSK IPEX II Apex Locator
 NSK IPEX II Apex Locator
 NSK IPEX II Apex Locator
NSK IPEX II Apex Locator
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Best dental deals present NSK Ipex II apex locator that evaluates the impedance, resistance & frequency of the encircling material to determine the working length of the root canal. NSK produced an intelligent apex locator depending on the results of several verification tests that provide excellent accuracy in detecting the apical constriction in the radicular portion of the tooth. Ipex 2 apex locator can provide a simple, precise picture of the position of the file tip on its LCD screen.

Key Features for NSK Ipex 2:

  • An elegant and sleek body that only needs a small amount of space.
  • 4th generation apex locator automatically detects the apical constriction in any circumstances, dry or wet canals.
  • High precision measurement generated using the Smart Logic system.
  • Three separate warning sounds depending upon where the file tip is placed, ensuring no procedural errors.
  • A wide tricolor display with very low reflectivity enables clinicians to track procedures accurately and instantly.
  • It has a multifrequency measuring technology.
  • Easy to operate with a user-friendly touch display.
  • Automatic shutdown control when the device is not in use.
  • More precise than radiographic method working length determination or working length measurement by Tactile Sensation.

Technical Specifications:


W60 x D60 x H86 (mm)


Only 6cm In diameter


76g (unit without batteries)

Power Supply

1.5V AAA battery (LR03 or R03) batteries

Measurement voltage

AC 80mV or less

Power Source

DC 4.5V

Measurement Current

AC 100μA or less


Continuous use for 60 hours

Rated Power




Usage Instructions For Ipex Apex Locator:

Open the base. Place 3 nos. AAA Manganese dry batteries inside the device. Switch on power. Connect the Ipex II file clip with a K file and place the lip hook inside the patient’s mouth. Now Insert the file inside the root canal. The reading (Bar Graph) will be shown on the display screen. The audible warning sound will be heard depending on the position of the file inside the canal.

  • When the tip file reaches the root apex (0.5) the bar graph turns BLUE accompanied by the increase in the pitch of the alarm sound.
  • When the Tip of the file reaches a minor apical diameter (0.0) the bar graph shows 0.0 on the display and the alarm sound becomes continuous.
  • When the Tip moves beyond APEX, the bar graph turns RED & the display shows (OA- Over Apex) on the display along with fast & continuous Alarm sound.



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