NSK FX PLUS ARV (Anti Retraction Valve) Hand Piece (Standard Head 2 Hole)

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  • 30 Watt power, creates a synergetic effect that ensures fast precise treatment.
  • Latest ARV ( Anti Retraction Valve) Technology prevents backflow of contaminated water to the handpiece preventing cross-contamination making it a super safe, fast and smart Handpiece from NSK japan.
  • Air Pressure Regulating Valve maintains a stable supply of pressure to the handpiece head section, preventing premature deterioration of the rotor due to exessive rotational pressure, increasing the life of Cartridge.
  • Quattro Spray effectively cools the entire operation field and prevents damage to living tissue.
  • Clean Head System has an anti-suck back mechanism that prevents the entry of blood and foreign matter from the oral cavity into the head through Air.
  • 25% harder long-lasting high-quality Ceramic Bearings, which greatly reduces the frictional wear and enhances durability.
  • 1 yr warranty

Vendor : Unicorn
  • The NSK air turbine simulation techniques boost more power to the air turbine that supplies 30W of power.
  • The Air pressure regulating valve ensures a stable pressure supply to the head section of the hand-piece, avoiding unnecessary rotational pressure thus, 
  • One-touch bur insertion with push-button chuck mechanism for increased bur retention strength. 
  • Scratch resistance surface enhancement technology for a comfortable grip
  • Quattro Spray ensures a better cooling effect avoiding tissue necrosis.


  • Power:  30 Watt
  • Standard Head: Speed: 325,000-410,000 min-1,
  •                Head Size: ø12.1 x H 13.3 mm 
  • Miniature Head:Speed: 380,000-450,000 min-1, 
                   Head Size: ø10.6 x H 12.4 mm 
  • Body: Stainless steel

Operational Instructions:

The handpiece is coupled with the dental chair directly through rotation clockwise. Bur is inserted and the handpiece is ready to use. 


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