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Brand: NSK Model:  114017Y1002208
Unicorn Denmart is offering a highly advanced Apex Loctaor known as iPex II from the brand NSK. Built by using the results of numerous clinical trials and verification tests, this smart logic next-generation Apex Locator is compatible with diverse tooth forms. Additionally, it provides sup..
₹41,500 ₹45,000
Endodontic Handpiece Z45 L
New -25 %
Brand: NSK Model: Z45l
Z45 L titanium body with scratch resistant DURAGRIP 45% angle H/P, easy handling, Push Button Chuck, Quattro spray – TI MAX..
₹41,250 ₹55,000
Endodontic Optic Handpiece Model X35L
New -20 % Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: 35l
Endodontic Optic H/P Model X35L 10:1 reduction, Single Spray, Push Button Chuck...
₹36,000 ₹45,000
Micro Surgery Straight HandPiece Model SGS-E2S
New -25 % Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: SGS-E2S
Micro Surgery Straight H/P model SGS-E2S 1:2 increasing h/p - ..
₹30,750 ₹41,000
NLX Nano Micromotor
New -7 % Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: Nano
Table Top brushless LED Micro Motor model NLX nano. (High Torque, Smooth rotation and min. vibration )...
₹70,000 ₹75,000
NSK DynaLED Cartridge - 500L
Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model: NSK/HP/AC/NSK CARTRIDGE SX-MU 03 P1001250
NSK DynaLED Cartridge - 600L
Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model:  NSK/HP/SP/X600L NSK CARTRIDGE OF TIX-SU03 Y900201
NSK DynaLED Handpiece
-16 %
Brand: NSK Model: Dyna500L
One of the perfectly balanced turbine handpieces - DynaLED is known for micro precision engineering resulting in high performance and long term reliability. These innovative Turbines include a dynamic integrated mini power generator which delivers long life, daylight quality LED illuminati..
₹21,000 ₹25,000
NSK Endomate Head
Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model:  114013WOHEAD
We, Unicorn Denmart, are providing the highest model of NSK Endomotor i.e Endomate TC2 along with MPAS Head also. Respectable Doctors who wish to use Endo-Mate & Apex Locator simultaneously to take benefit in RCT can go for this option. This cordless endomotor is featured with tor..
NSK Endomotor - EndoMate AT
Out Of Stock
Brand: NSK Model:  114013Y1002190
Offered NSK Endomate AT is made for use with all brands of Ni-Ti files. Basically, this endodontic motor has a wide range of torque and speed settings,which allows it to be used with Ni-Ti Files from virtually all major manufacturers. Operates on 230AC V power supply, offered Endomoto..
Brand: NSK Model:  114013Y141121
Now cleaning & shaping of root canals become more easy with NSK Endomate DT endomotor.  Equipped with rotary files, you can treat more faster & efficiently without any fear of file breakage during the entire procedure.  The feature that you will love about this is th..
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