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Micromotor Handpieces

Micromotor Handpieces

About Micromotor Handpieces

In dentistry, the rotary instruments play an important role. Most of the dental treatments are performed by dental handpieces. Varieties of handpieces are available in the market with various advanced features those are used to perform delicate operations.

Micromotor Handpiece Price List

Type Of Micromotor HandpieceBDD Special PriceMax Price
NSK S-Max M25 - Internal Spray Contra Handpiece₹28,900/piece
NSK S-Max M65 - Internal Spray Straight Handpiece₹18,900/piece
NSK S-Max M95 Internal Spray Contra Angle Handpiece₹34,900/piece
NSK SG20 Implant Handpiece₹24,400/piece
Tornado Contra Angle Handpiece₹2,900/piece
Tornado Straight Handpiece₹2,900/piece
Type of Dental Micromotor Handpieces

Handpieces are divided into mostly 2 types:

  • Air driven handpieces- Air driven handpieces are also known as air – rotor or high-speed handpieces. These works on 2,50,000 rpm speed, used for tooth cutting.
  • Motor driven handpieces- Motor driven handpieces means low speed handpieces, as they require a motor to get driven. These handpieces are used for various functions e.g. trimming, finishing, polishing etc.
    A motor can be driven by taking the power from either air or electricity. When the motor gets the power from air, it is called as Air Motor whereas when the motor gets driven by electricity, is known as micro motor.
The Most Commonly Used Micromotor Handpieces Those are Attached To The Air Motor Are
  • Straight Handpiece:  Straight Micromotor Handpiece is the long axis of the bur remains in the same plane as the long axis of the handpiece. This type of handpiece is used for trimming of dentures, crown or bridges, pumice polishing the prostheses, bone cutting etc. Micromotor Straight handpiece has rotatable type locking system in the neck of the handpiece that is used for bur change.
  • Contra-angle Handpiece: Contra-angle Micromotor Handpiece is angulated to the opposite direction to allow easy access to the intraoral area. It is first angulated away then back towards the long axis of the handpiece. It also improves the visibility of the handpiece and provide a stable operation to the dental professional. This has a latch type locking system that is moved sidewise for the bur changing. It is used mostly for polishing, finishing of the restoration, polishing after oral prophylaxis, caries excavation etc.
  • Gear Driven Handpiece: Gear Drive Micromotor Handpiece, gear is available to control the speed of the handpiece. Various gear head ratio on low speed handpiece provide different types of speed, useful to carry out dental procedures.
    • Increasing gear ratio (Red Ring): It increases the speed and provides to the handpiece. This type of handpiece is mostly used for tooth preparation, cavity preparation, metal crown cutting etc.
      Advantages of Increasing gear ratio handpiece
Stable continuous speed
Greater cutting efficiency
Less aerosol formation
High Torque
Reduced noise level
Enhanced durability
  • Decreasing Gear Ratio (Green Ring): It decreases the speed of the motor and provides to the handpiece. Green Ring Micromotor handpiece is mostly used in surgical procedures e.g. implant insertion, biomechanical preparation in root canal treatment etc.
  • Direct Gear Ratio (Blue Ring): It provides the same speed as of the motor to the handpiece. Blue Ring Micromotor Handpiece is mostly used for finishing and polishing of tooth structure, restorations etc.

The dental professional can change the gear driven handpieces as per the requirement. Strong Micromotor handpieces are available online in Best dental deals in very reasonable price for the dentist to buy online and increase the productivity of the dental clinic as well as providing maximum comfort to the patient.

Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Tornado 201 CA
Tornado contra angle handpiece improves accessibility inside the oral cavity for different dental procedures and provides smooth and efficient working.  Key FeaturesHigh-quality stainless steel body with ergonomic designLight weightHigh precision performanceAutoclavable at 135- degree C for hygiene maintenanceTechnical specificationsSpeed: 22,000 rpmLatch type design for bur insertion..
₹1,900 ₹2,090
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Tornado 201 SH
A slim economical low speed handpiece with excellent performance provides the dentist comfortability to use for various clinical applications.Stainless Steel body with ergonomic designLight weightHigh precision performanceAutoclavable at 135 – degree C for hygiene maintenanceTechnical Specifications Speed: 18,000 rpmBur ring for easy bur changing..
₹1,900 ₹2,090
Brand: NSK Model: M25_Non-Optic
NSK M25, that is a sleek, ergonomically engineered low-speed handpiece with a blue ring system to improve the productivity of the dentist. NSK “ISB” (Integrated Shaft Bearing) decreases vibration and ensures a more reliable and accurate performance. NSK S Max M25 Contra Angle Handpiece offers quickly interchangeable cartridges that save time for the dentist.  Key Features: Cellular Glass Optic: It offers excellent visibility. It is exceptionally durable and will not worsen..
Brand: NSK Model: m65
M65 handpiece from the S-Max series of NSK. This Internal Spray Straight Handpiece provides ease of operation to the dentist with its unique features that make this handpiece widely acceptable. For each dental professional we make this handpiece available to carry out dental procedures such as denture trimming, polishing, etc. in a reasonable price. Key Features: Stainless steel body with comfort grip reduces hand fatigue for a dentist Water spray for an enhanced cooli..
Brand: NSK Model: M95_optic
S-Max M95 low-speed contra-angle handpiece that is the next-generation model of NSK. This NSK M95 is a blend of ergonomic elegance and smooth cutting sensation. It has astounding strength and excellent grip for lucrative, effective cutting. M95 dental contra-angle handpiece is available at a budget-friendly price online in India.  Key Features of NSK S-Max M95: Ceramic Bearings: The ceramic bearings are very lightweight and 25% stronger than stainless steel, which m..
Brand: NSK Model: SG20
NSK SG20 Handpiece for all precise surgical applications like Oral & Maxillofacial surgery and dental Implant surgery. It provides clinicians with optimum comfort and versatility. NSK S-Max SG20 Handpiece is ISO-E type and it provides reliable and accurate torque with a capacity to take high load even at low speed. Key Features: During Operations: The lightweight SG20 Implant handpiece reduces the stress on the hands and its increased hardness also enhances its pote..
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: TornadoCA
Tornado Contra Angle Handpiece that is designed to promote more skilled user comfort and to greatly minimize operational duration for their patients. With the revolutionary approach, it is easier to enter such inaccessible and hard to see locations, thereby improving efficiency and shortening processes, making it possible to obtain results with greater precision and accuracy. Uses of Tornado Contra Angle Handpiece:·         Finishing & polishing o..
₹3,010 ₹3,500
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: Strong
Tornado Straight handpiece from Being Foshan brand that provides excellent performance and user- comfortability to dental professionals all over the world. Straight Handpiece is one of the most demanded handpieces and is available online for the dentists to buy at a decent price without any muddle. Indications of Dental Straight Handpiece: ·         Trimming of dentures in prosthodontics dental clinics or dental labs ·   &nbs..
₹3,010 ₹3,500
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Frequently Asked Questions

S- Max M25 contra angle handpiece comes with a gear ratio of 1:1. It can be used for finishing and polishing the restoration, polishing the tooth surface, polishing after oral prophylaxis etc. It can be used with polishing burs or rubber cups, wheels etc. 

NSK S-Max SG20 handpiece is a non-optic implant handpiece that comes with NSK Surgic AP and NSK Surgic Pro non optic implant motors. 

No, Tornado straight handpiece is a motor driven low speed handpiece that cannot be directly connected with a dental chair. But To use with a dental chair, first the air motor needs to be coupled and then the straight handpiece should be connected.

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