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Light Cure Units

Light Cure Units

About Light Cure Unit

With advancements in the dentistry, resin based composite materials have also been evolved. The improvements in structure, photo-initiator material, aesthetic aspect, polymerization techniques in resin-based composites make it more significant to choose a best Light Cure Unit for a successful dental restoration. The most significant element for a successful restoration is strong adherence to the tooth structure and sufficient polymerization of the resin content. 

A Led Light Curing Unit is a dental device that uses the light energy (UV) to initiate polymerization process of resin based composite materials during dental restoration procedure. 

Light Cure Unit Price List

Type Of Light Cure Unit
BDD Special Price
Max Price
Tulip Digital LED Curing Light₹3,000/piece
Woodpecker DTE LUX-V Digital Advanced LED Light Cure Unit₹4,500/piece
Woodpecker O' Led Plus Light Cure Unit₹6,300/piece
Ivoclar Vivadent Bluephase NM Cordless Light Cure Unit₹35,000/piece
Ivoclar Vivadent Bluephase N MC Light Cure Unit₹21,000/piece

The Polymerization Process

The restorative material is composed of a urethane methacrylate base and a photo-initiator that absorbs the light energy radiated. This gets activated when exposed to electromagnetic radiation i.e. Ultraviolet light of a specific wavelength and create free radicals. These free radicals disperse through the resin medium bonding with monomer to initiate the polymerization process. The viscosity of the resin system increases with increasing monomer integration into the growing polymer network and thus the resin-based composite is polymerized. 

Factors Associated with Light Cure Units in Dentistry

The efficacy of a curing light to effectively cure a composite resin depends on many factors, such as wavelength of the emitted light, type of photo-initiator, exposure time, distance and angulation of the light probe etc. 

  • Size of the Curing Light Probe: The intensity of the light from the curing unit probe spreads from center to the edges thereby energy is more concentrated in a probe of small diameter (3mm) whereas more diffused in case of standard diameter (11mm). Small diameter in curing light tip increases the light energy but also boost the temperature while curing the restoration, so precautions needs to be taken while using the unit.
  • Light Intensity: A sufficient energy density is needed for proper curing of resin-based composites. To maintain the effectiveness of the curing light, cotton swabs dipped in alcohol or methyl ethylketone solvents are essential for routine cleaning of the mirror surface. This helps to maintain the potency of the bulb’s reflection. 
  • The Beam Spreading: The light beam usually disperses from the curing unit tip from its source, resulting in an inhomogeneous distribution of light intensity. In order to properly cure the entire surface, it is therefore important to step the light over a broad restoration. 
  • Angulation of the Tip: When help perpendicular to the restoration surface, a light beam of the LED Curing Unit produces a circular spot of light.  To obtain optimum light intensity on the surface, the wand tip of the dental curing unit should always be parallel to the restoration surface. 
Types of Photo-Initiators
  • Camphor quinone: Camphor quinone is yellowish in color. Polymerization process is initiated very slowly and it absorbs at the wavelength of 468nm. 
  • TPO (2,4,6 – Trimethylbenzoyldiphenyl Phosphine Oxide): It has a yellow resistant property and suitable for light colored or bleached resins. Its absorption peak is 350nm to 405nm. The photo curing speed is fast.
Types of Light Cure Units in Dentistry
  • Quartz Tungsten halogen Curing light: It is equipped with a Quartz bulb along with tungsten filament. When electric current pass through the tungsten filament, electromagnetic radiations are generated in form of visible light that is used for curing. It generates blue light of 400 -500 nm. 
  • Plasma Arc Curing Light: 2 Tungsten rods held at a distance in a gaseous medium of Xenon gas. When high voltage is generated in tungsten rods, it ionizes xenon creating blue UV light of wavelength 400 -500 nm. But it also generated heat that may cause tissue injury. 
  • Argon Laser Lamp: Laser photons generates high intensity light energy of wavelength 490 nm in a gaseous medium of Argon. It has a risk of other tissues getting irradiated. 
  • Light Emitting Diodes: LED lights have also been used as light cure unit for the polymerization process of composites.  It kept on advancing from generations to generations with advancements in the resin materials. 
Techniques of Dental Light Cure Unit
  1. Uniform Continuous Cure: Constant intensity light applied to the resin-based composite for polymerization. It is the most familiar method. 
  2. Step Cure: To reduce the degree of polymerization shrinkage first low energy and then high energy light is applied to the restoration surface for polymerization. 
  3. Ramp Cure: Again, for reduction in chances of polymerization shrinkage, low intensity light is first applied then gradually the intensity is increased. 
  4. High Energy Pulse Cure: High energy light than normal power is applied to the surface. It is mostly used for orthodontic brackets and sealants. 

The Dental Curing Unit with high durability and excellent performance with upgraded wavelength are available in Best Dental Deals at very reasonable price for the Indian dentists to buy online without any difficulties. 


Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: N MC
 Ivoclar Vivadent is well renowned and reliable global brand among dental professionals to provide equipments for effortless operations. Bluephase N MC LED polymerization light cure unit provide high energy blue light for continuous operations at all times. This budgetary light cure unit is suitable for all types of restorations. It is a device providing value for money for dentist with its excellent performance and low maintenance.Key Features Of Bluephase N MC LED Light Cure Unit C..
₹20,500 ₹21,500
Brand: Ivoclar Vivadent Model: NM
Bluephase NM, is a reliable light cure unit from Ivoclar vivadent, a multinational organization providing wide varieties of innovative products to dental professionals. Bluephase N family light cure unit is one of the best in the market due to its increased efficiency to cure all type of resin materials with advance photo-initiators.Key Features of Bluephase NM LED Light Cure Unit Wireless design allowing for complete freedom of movement Continuous operation with LiPo batter..
₹34,000 ₹35,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: 100 A
Tulip is a wireless LED Curing light of Aluminium body. This LED curing light is lightweight and easy to transport, making it easier and more effective to work with. This Tulip Light Cure 100 is available Online at a competitive price to make it modest for all.Key Features: High Curing Efficiency for all types of resin materials Working modes to provide dentist flexible operation Compact and Stylish design with a slim body for better hand feeling A light hood of ..
₹3,200 ₹3,500
Brand: Woodpecker Model: O'LED Plus
Woodpecker O light Plus, Light Cure Unit that is ergonomically built with modern technology to provide excellent accuracy and protection with less heat generation. It offers high intensity focused light for all forms of resin materials to be effectively polymerized. Thanks to its quality & outstanding features, it is one of the most reliable O light curing light with increased dental acceptance from all over the world. Key Features: O-Light Plus light cure Unit from Woodpecker ..
₹6,500 ₹7,000
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Frequently Asked Questions

DTE Lux V light cure unit is equipped with large capacity battery that can be used for 300 times (10s) when fully charged. 

Tulip Light Cure unit from Unicorn Denmart brand comes with a warranty of 1 year. 

Yes, we have DTE O-light Plus light cure unit with upgraded wavelength from 385 – 515 nm that can cure Tetric-N-Ceram bulk fill composite containing TPO photo-initiator in just 1 sec.

Yes, DTE O-Light plus light cure unit come with metal head that is anti-shock and doesn’t crack or deform under pressure. It is safe to use. 

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