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Light Cure Units

Composite materials have evolved along with dental technology. The importance of selecting an appropriate light cure unit increases for a successful dental restoration due to advancements in resin-based composites' structure, photo-initiator material, aesthetic aspect, and polymerization procedures. Strong adhesion to the tooth structure and adequate polymerization of the resin content are crucial for a successful restoration.


During a dental restoration treatment, a dental light cure unit is a tool that employs light radiation (UV) to start the polymerization process of resin-based composite materials.


The led light cure unit with enhanced wavelength and high levels of durability and performance are readily accessible for purchase online by Indian dentists from Best Dental Deals at very reasonable prices.

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  1. Woodpecker DTE O-Light Plus Digital LED Curing Unit
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    Woodpecker DTE O-Light Plus Digital LED Curing Unit
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