API Extraction Forceps Kits - making tooth extraction more effortless

API Extraction Forceps Kits - making tooth extraction more effortless


Extraction forceps are the tools required to carry out all kinds of dental extractions. There is a wide range of forceps present according to the tooth which has to be removed. Using only forceps to remove a tooth isn’t always effective. In addition, there is a requirement for elevators and luxatome which can help in removing a tooth.

What are the advantages of these instruments?

These instruments are ergonomically designed according to the requirement, with a huge variety of differences in form, size, and shape. Treatment becomes easy if you have the correct instrument to work with. Treatment efficiency increases as well as it becomes painless for the patient. These instruments if used correctly do not damage any other soft tissue or tooth structure.

One such company providing a complete set of dental extraction instruments is API Dental Instruments.

API is a four-decade-old name in Dental Industry. This company which had started as a small business initially has come into a large family today.  They are a premier company in India providing a wide range of instruments.

API extraction forceps:


API extraction forceps have a textured handle giving a firm grip to remove the tooth giving a perfect balance and handling.

The key feature of these forceps is that they are 100% rust-free and hence easy to maintain. All forceps are fully autoclavable for improved hygiene maintenance in the dental clinic. The handles have a textured groove so you can have a good command to hold the tooth. These forceps are ISO certified (9001-2015).

The 12 piece of dental extraction tools mainly consists of 7 maxillary forceps i.e. for incisors, premolars molars (right & left), root forceps, wisdom tooth extraction forceps, and cow horn forceps, whereas the mandibular forceps consists of forceps for incisors, premolar, molar, cow horn, and root forceps. Wisdom tooth removal forceps are a boon to use because of their long shaft and short beak.


API root elevators:



API root elevators consist of straight, apexo, Coupland, and Cryer types of elevators with right and left sides. The handle has a hollow pattern and is light in weight. It has a perfect balance of instruments, so there is a reduced risk of any slippage. Elevators are 100% rust free making them maximum resistant to wear and corrosion. All elevators are 100% autoclavable and easy to clean. These also are ISO-certified products with a warranty of 2 years.


API Luxatome:



API luxatome are ergonomically designed with sharp blades to cut ligaments which come with a better grip to hold and luxate tooth during the extraction procedure. All products are 100% rust-free and fully autoclavable. Similar to the root elevators these have a good grip, are light in weight, and are easy to maintain. They are ISO certified with a warranty of 2 years.

Luxatome mainly include straight luxatome (for the interproximal area), curved luxatome (for the apical, lingual, and distal region), contra-angle luxatome (for lingual and distal side), and dual-edge luxatome (for fractured or decayed roots)



The API instruments have almost covered all the basic extraction instruments needed for a tooth removal. The tooth extraction which is considered to be the most difficult becomes an atraumatic procedure with these dental extraction kit

So you can just buy these dental extraction kits and you are good to go to carry out any dental extractions.


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