API Dental Hand Instruments

Opening a new dental clinic can be a tedious task.  As in most industries, the most important role is of right tools to work with, same is applicable to dentistry. The right instruments are a key for successful dental practice. If you have all the necessary instruments, you can provide a safe and pleasant experience to your patients. People generally have a fear of visiting dentist, but if they are welcomed with clean, sterile instruments, their anxiety can surely be reduced.

There are so many things to buy for a new dental clinic setup. Staring from equipment to material and infrastructure. You will have to make an exhaustive list out of which the dental instruments list is too huge. As there are so many brands and so many instruments available in the market, the confusion just increases. The type of instruments required depends on what type of clinic a person is planning to open. For example, an Implantologist will have all the latest implant tools, the endodontist will have all modern microscopes, etc. but there are few basic instruments that are required in every dental setup.


What instruments are used in Dentistry?

Professionals utilize a variety of dental equipment for many different operations. In dentistry, each tool has a specific function, varies in size and shape, and is created in accordance with the procedure to be carried out. These tools can be roughly categorized into groups like surgical instruments, dental instruments, filling instruments, polishing instruments, and diagnostic instruments.

API Dental Instruments for Clinic Setup:

API is one such brand that provides all dental instruments under one roof, which are the basic instruments every dentist needs to start a dental setup. API has categorized all the basic instruments you will be needing to start with your practice.

Advantages of using API Dental Instruments:

In the dental industry, API has a four-decade-old reputation.

This company, which began as a tiny business, has expanded to become a huge family. They are a well-known business in India that offers a variety of instruments.

These API instruments have a wide range of variations in form, size, shape, and colour and are ergonomically designed to meet the requirements. If you have the right tools and techniques, treatment is easy. The effectiveness of the treatment increases whereas the patient's discomfort decrease.

What dental instruments are needed to start a dental practice?

The largest selection of dental instruments is offered by API Dental Instruments. Dental equipment made by API typically have these benefits:

  • Fully autoclavable
  • 100 % rust free
  • Resistant to wear and corrosion.
  • Handles have grooves and are textured for a better grip
  • A Perfect balance of the Instruments and reduced risk of slipping

API provides a package of the entire list of dental instruments which is segregated into various categories according to the treatment procedure for which the instruments are used.

The main categories included in the Clinical Setup Kit are:

API Extraction Forceps Kit-

API extraction forceps are a set of 12 pieces both for maxillary and mandibular teeth.

The forceps are made of extremely sturdy stainless steel and come with a leather pouch.

API Root Elevator Kit-

API has a set of 13-piece root elevators containing apexo, straight, periosteal, Cryer, and Warwick James pattern root elevators.

Conservative Instrument kit-

It consists of a complete basic set of conservative instruments.  These are made from high-quality stainless-steel material and are resistant to corrosion. It is a set of 20 instruments including condensers, plugger, carver, spoon excavator, ball burnisher, and hatchet.

Crown & Bridge remover kit-

These crown remover kits come in 2 patterns i.e. Turkey pattern and a Gun pattern. A uniquely designed Turkey pattern is used to remove crowns and bridges with its 5 steps push button pattern. The gun pattern type of crown remover comes with 9 tips.

Oral Surgery Instruments Kit-

It is a set of 10 pieces including a scissor, artery forceps, needle holder, etc. All these instruments are needed for minor oral surgical procedures.

Diagnostic instrument kit-

It consists of 3 pieces which include a mouth mirror, a double ended explorer, and a pair of tweezers for easy diagnosis.

These dental instruments are divided into two packages i.e. clinical packages 1 and 2 in which all instruments are the same except for Diagnostic instruments which are included in clinical package 2.


The API instruments have almost covered all the basic instruments needed for a clinic setup and are easily available online at very reasonable prices.