Intraoral Cameras

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Unicorn Denmart

Intraoral Camera with TFT Screen


Rs 37,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 37,000.00

Unicorn Denmart has brought to you a hi-tech Intra Oral Camera with Display Monitor. It consists of an advanced camera and 17" LCD Monitor. Moreover, it is designed with voltage protection circuit to safeguard it from voltage fluctuations. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated with your dent..

Unicorn Denmart

WiFi Intra Oral Camera

Rs 9,765.00

Ex Tax: Rs 9,765.00

Unicorn Denmart has included a new model in Intra Oral Cameras which can be connected to your Smart phones, Laptop screen and computer with the help of good wifi connection. This WiFi intra Oral Camera minimizes the hassle of probe connections and the limitations of area. Now you can easil..

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