Intraoral Camera with LCD Screen

Accuvue Intraoral Camera with LCD Screen to help dental practitioners identify dental diseases & ameliorate diagnostic & treatment plan accuracy. It magnifies the intraoral images for better evaluation.  It offers better visibility to the areas that are harder to see or in smallmouth opening patient.

  • Large LCD display for clear visibility of intraoral areas.
  • High-definition camera for the crystal-clear image with better resolution.
  • Six bright LED with the camera for better contrast of the image.
  • Medical grade TFT Screen to make it scratch less & reliable quality.
  • Easy to operate the camera and capture images 
  • Easy installation of the TFT Screen with the dental unit for easy functioning.


Vendor : Unicorn
Special Price ₹45,500.00 Regular Price ₹50,000.00

Intraoral Camera With Screen & TFT Clamp Advantages:

  • Easy to communicate with the patient and for patient education about the treatment plan.
  • A clear image of Oral hygiene maintenance of the patient.
  • Early detection of many oral problems like gingival inflammations, dental caries, pit & fissure, fractured restorations, hairline fractures, etc.
  • Easy comparison between treatment phases and improvements in oral health.


  • Image Sensor: ¼” Image sensor
  • Input supports: USB, VGA, HDMI, AV, TV, CCTV port
  • Image sensor: CMOS (12 Megapixels)
  • Storage capacity: 32GB
  • Focus Range: 5mm – 50 mm
  • Power: 30W
  • Adjustments: Contrast, brightness & color, WIFI Connectivity
  • Grayscale response time: 2 ms
  • Display: 17” display screen
  • Resolution: 1280 ´ 1024
  • Power: 8 GB Memory Card
  • Playback format: MP3, MP4, JPEG
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Ratings & Reviews

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