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NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro Non-Optic

Unicorn Denmart is offering its customer a highly suitable range of Physiodispenser for professional use, which is NSK Physiodispenser Surgic-Pro non-optic. This device is engineered by using state-of-the-art technology that ensures its high performance and reliability. Moreover, this surgic pro physidispenser meets all the requirements for surgery and implantology with maximum precision as it really stands out for its versatility and safety.


Power Supply
AC120V or 230V 50/60 Hz
Max. Pump Output
75 mL/min
8 Programs / Implant Systems
W265 x D220 x H100 (mm)
5-80 Ncm
Motor Speed
200~40,000 min-1
Light Power(LED Micromotor)
over 32,000 LUX
Foot Control Functions
Program Button, Speed Control Pedal Coolant Solution,
Flow Volume Button,
Forward / Reverse Button

Contents in a Package:

  • Control Unit without data storage facility
  • FC-78 Foot Control
  • X-SG20 Non-Optic Handpiece (20:1 Reduction)
  • Irrigation tube (5 pcs.) and other accessories

  • 1 Year

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