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Implant Motor

Implant Motor

About Implant Motor

Dental Implant Motors are technologically advanced motors used to insert surgical components, called implants inside the alveolar bone as a replacement of the missing tooth. With attachment of rotary dental drills to the handpiece of the implant motor, a controlled torque and speed can be achieved for enhanced precision. In the course of installation of dental implants, implant motors are indispensable electrical device. 

In the market, different types of Implant Physiodispensers are available with various features to provide effortless placement to the dental professional. However, the characteristics you can check for the best implant device for your practice include a sleek, user-friendly interface that allows to use it effortlessly while placing implants. 

Implant Motor Price List

Type Of Implant MotorBDD Special PriceMax Price
NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro Non-Optic₹144,300/piece
NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro Optic₹177,600/piece
NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro+ Optic₹210,900/piece
NSK Surgic AP Non-Optic₹111,000/piece

The factors Need To Be Considered For An Implant motor

  1. Implant Motor handpiece: Implant handpiece has mostly 20:1 reduction gear ratio to provide controlled speed to drill the alveolar bone for minimal generation of heat.  When 20:1 reduction gear ratio handpiece is used, the maximum speed of the handpiece becomes limited to 2000 rpm that is enough to easily complete implant insertion procedure. It also should have high quality bearings and motor to provide smooth functioning of the handpiece with reduced vibration, less noise production and less heat generation. In addition to using a handpiece that provides greater visibility with a small and light-weight optic LED light and a precision motor to minimize the wrist fatigue.
  2. Torque for Implant Placement: Regardless of the RPM, a constant torque in a motor is also needed to ensure precision and stability during insertion. Torque or rotational force is used to place inside the alveolar bone. An implant motor having the facility of high torque help to resolve the resistance provided by the bone during insertion and tapping procedure. A higher torque motor can provide uniform cutting efficiency, providing a smoothly finished bone structure that is suitable for placement. It also immensely helps in retrieval and replacement.
  3. Optic or Non-optic: An implant motor with optic handpiece is equipped with LED, that allows for greater visibility and high precision while placing implant.  Some of the best dental Implant motors has the option to choose optic or non-optic in the same motor as per the requirement by the dentist for different dental procedure. 
  4. Foot Control: It comes with a simple foot control with the only control of speed. But the more functions can be provided in a foot control, it will be better for a dental professional to carry out the aseptic dental operations. As there is chance of contaminations during the surgical procedure, so now-a-days multifunctional foot control are preferred by dentist all over the world with the maximum functions to control during operation e.g. program switch, speed, coolant adjustment and forward/reverse function etc. 
  5. Coolant: During placing implant, the bone is drilled by the implant motor handpiece to make space, so heat is generated. To minimize the heat and reduce the risk of tissue necrosis during operation, coolant flow is also available that enhance the cooling effect in the bone and save the bone from any damage. 
  6. Technology and Implant Systems: The technology has advanced to provide the dentist a peace of mind with added extra features in an Implant Motor System for NSK & Woodpecker brand to carry out other functions also. For example, Woodpecker Implant Motor-Implant X has a custom-defined program to use handpiece of different gears and utilize the implant motor for tooth preparation, polishing, trimming, Endo cases etc. that makes this a multi-purpose device.
    Auto-calibration function can help you focus on clinical efficiency and safety of the procedure, while speed and torque are calibrated. This can also minimize the risk of injuries during dental implant procedure. This feature is available in NSK Physiodispenser Surgic Pro and Physiodispenser Surgic Pro Plus.
    Various Implant Systems are available in the market. For each implant system the speed and torque value are different. So, the programs can be saved in the device using memory function that saves the time of the dentist to change the speed and torque each time he uses the same implant system. 
  7. Irrigation System/ Water Pump: The internal water pumps can be unsafe at times that can make the device flooded if there will be any fault in the pipe lines, but implant motors come with externally positioned water pumps that make the motor PCB stable and long-lasting. 

Advantages of Dental Implant Motor

  • A controlled speed and torque are provided for increased accuracy
  • More treatment safety
  • Saves the time of the dental professional
  • Fast and accurate for placement
  • High torque 
  • Enhanced Stability
Brand: NSK Model: Surgic Pro Non-Optic
Unicorn Denmart is offering its customer a highly suitable range of Physiodispenser for professional use, which is NSK Physiodispenser Surgic-Pro non-optic. This device is engineered by using state-of-the-art technology that ensures its high performance and reliability. Moreover, this surgic pro physidispenser meets all the requirements for surgery and implantology with maximum precision as it really stands out for its versatility and safety.Specifications:Power SupplyAC120V or 230V 50..
₹144,300 ₹158,730
Brand: NSK Model: Surgic Pro
NSK Surgic Pro implant motor from NSK. NSK provides state-of-the-art technology to significantly improve clinical efficiency. Surgic Pro is small, lightweight and strong to offer all  professionals need in a reliable way. The  control unit features a professional touch, including a large LCD backlight panel with high visibility and simple control buttons to provide a safer and more user-friendly working environment. NSK LEDs produce natural daylight quality light to illuminate the ..
₹177,600 ₹195,360
Brand: NSK Model: Surgic Pro Plus
NSK offers advanced technology to dramatically boost clinical Performance of a dental professional.  Implant motor from NSK Surgic Pro+ is compact, lightweight and efficient implant motor to meet the requirements of the dental professionals in a reliable way. The ultimate technology of NSK Surgic Pro+ allows calibration of the handpiece and the motor prior to operation for a smooth and controlled surgical procedure. The multi-functional Foot Control allows all functions of the dev..
₹253,000 ₹271,990
Brand: NSK Model: SURGIC_AP
NSK Surgical AP, which gives high precision to advanced implant motors. Its brushless surgical motor satisfies professional criteria and delivers outstanding clinical results.NSK Surgical AP is made especially for oral and implant surgery and provides all the strength and endurance you need for these procedures. Together with a large velocity range of 200-40,000 min-1, 210 watts of Power and 50 NCM of torque deliver flexibility and rapid response needed for a variet..
₹121,700 ₹134,750
Brand: Woodpecker Model: Implant-X
Implant X physiodispenser from brand Woodpecker, a renowned brand in China. Woodpecker DTE is dedicated to manufacturing advanced dental equipment with high durability and reliability. Woodpecker coheres to the principle of improved quality, core technology R&D, and the availability of cost-effective dental equipment. DTE Implant X is an implant micromotor with improved precision for dental implant placement with greater strength and enhanced safety features. Tooth replacement with a gr..
₹104,500 ₹110,000
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Frequently Asked Questions

Imported Swiss motor provides high performance with more accurate torque and speed control. Due to less noise it is more comfortable for the patient and doctor. It works steadily that guarantees maximum torque output in less speed. 

The large colored glass screen clearly displays the parameters to provide the dentist an easy implant placement and also very easy to maintain. It can be wiped easily with a clean dry cloth.

The double sealing system in NSK physiodispenser helps in maintaining hygiene and preventing the cross contamination by blocking the entry of blood and bodily fluids into the handpiece head. 

The X-DSG20L handpiece of NSK Surgic pro plus can be disassembled for quick cleaning by simply twisting the handpiece head. When it is connected to the motor, it generally doesn’t dismantle due to the special locking mechanism. 

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