Imaging System

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Unicorn Denmart

Advance CAM Intraoral Camera


Rs 18,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 18,000.00

Unicorn Denmart is offering an advance range in Intraoral camera by the name of Advance CAM Intraoral Camera, which is built to be used as a proper diagonostic system. Offered High resolution camera is compatible to USB & TFT monitor without any need of CPU and has good storage capacity. Eq..


Anthos HD Intraoral Sensor


Rs 123,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 123,000.00

The X-VS intraoral sensor is the India's 1st HD intraoral sensor, designed ergonomically for REAL-TIME DIAGNOSTICS besides offering extraordinary performance, and a perfect balance between comfort & cutting-edge technology.  Moreover, This high definition RVG can be used with all ..

Crystal Intraoral Sensor

Unicorn Denmart

Crystal Intraoral Sensor

Rs 97,000.00

Rs 100,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 97,000.00

If you are seeking for the best image quality, then Crystal Intraoral Sensor will be the best option for you. Manufactured in India, this sensor has an ergonomic design which can digitize your clinic with advanced technology, Extreme reliability and Exceptional Value.Features:Super CMOS SensorClear ..

Unicorn Denmart

Direct USB Intraoral Camera

Rs 3,100.00

Ex Tax: Rs 3,100.00

Direct USB Cam Model is the portable unit which can fulfill your needs in very less cost. Highly reliable and durable single lens design, you can capture the perfect image and see onto the monitor. The highly appreciable feature of this unit is that it can be directly connected to your monitor ..


Fona CDR Elite Sensor

Rs 125,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 125,000.00

Unicorn Denmart is providing the sought-after radiography Sensor XIOS XG Select to its customers at cost-effective rates with new name i.e FONA CDR ELITE. This intra oral sensor is incorporated with appreciable features that will certainly helps you to run your practice in smooth way ..


Genoray Portable Xray

Rs 110,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 110,000.00

X-Ray units are the most important equipment in dentistry in order to treat the patients with more efficiency and effectively. We have a wide assortment of AC and DC xrays, out of which we are offering GENORAY PORT X II DC Xray , which is AERB approved at reasonable rate. This X-ray u..

Unicorn Denmart

Intraoral Camera with TFT Screen


Rs 35,300.00

Ex Tax: Rs 35,300.00

Unicorn Denmart has brought to you a hi-tech Intra Oral Camera with Display Monitor. It consists of an advanced camera and 17" LCD Monitor. Moreover, it is designed with voltage protection circuit to safeguard it from voltage fluctuations. Furthermore, it can be easily integrated with your dent..


Runyes Wall Mount AC Xray


Rs 69,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 69,000.00

Offered Wall Mount AC Xray - RAY 68 is known for its reduced X-Ray dose and clear image. This is built by using safe and quality assured material by keeping all the parameters in mind so that health of patients and doctors can be protected better.Specification:VoltageAC 220 +/-10%X-Ray Plu..

Fona Schick

Schick Fona RVG


Rs 108,000.00

Ex Tax: Rs 108,000.00

Unicorn Denmart is offering solution for everyday diagnostics by providing Schick Fona RVG at reasonable rates. This sensor is designed to capture high quality radiographs from the first day of its use. Furthermore, its CMOS APS (Active Pixel Sensor) technology delivers sharp, low noi..

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