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Imaging System

Imaging System

Over the past three decades, dentistry has undergone enormous developments in all its branches. With these advances, the need for more accurate diagnostic tools, particularly imaging, has become mandatory. 

From basic intra-oral periapical x-rays, sophisticated imaging methods such as computed tomography, cone beam computed tomography and magnetic resonance Imaging System has also found a place in modern dentistry. 

Moving from analogue to digital radiography has not only streamlined and speeded up the process, but also enabled image storage, manipulation (brightness/contrast, image cropping and recovery)

In general, intraoral and extraoral, analogue and digital, ionising and non-ionizing Dental Imaging, and two-dimensional (2-D) and three-dimensional (3-D) imaging can be classified as imaging techniques used in dentistry. For most dental radiographic requirements, 2D traditional radiographs provide excellent images.

There may be indirect, direct, or semi-direct digital radiographic images. Using a  solid-state sensor like CCD or complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor CMOS)-based chips, direct digital images are obtained. A phosphor plate device obtains semi-direct images.

Contrast resolution is an important parameter for the diagnostic accuracy of caries detection. Via applying complex filter to detect carious lesions, software enables image manipulation. The high resolution of intraoral radiography allows the visualisation of the bony  supporting tissues for periodontal diagnosis, including tiny information such as periodontal ligament space, lamina dura, and trabecularization of the bony.

Dental Imaging System makes it possible to assess the degree of bone loss using image analysis methods. High resolution technology and/or dedicated endodontic filtering increases the visibility of small file tips as small as 0.06 mm. Multiplanar sections (axial, coronal, and sagittal planes) are helpful in assessing cysts or benign tumours to find deeper tissues. It is also effective in the post-surgical follow-up of high recurrence lesions

Brand: Carestream Model: RVG CS 5200
Carestream RVG 5200 is known for its customer-friendly image processing tools that enable default options to be programmed. It is the preferred alternative for dental professionals when it comes to the perfect solution in digital dental radiography. The elegant intraoral imaging device is now available online in best dental deals in decent price for the dental professionals to satisfy all their requirements. The digital RVG CS 5200 intraoral sensor improves the comfort of the user by provi..
₹135,000 ₹140,000
All in One Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV All in One Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV
Out Of Stock
Brand: Genoray Model: PORT_X_IV
Offered Genoray Portable X-ray Port X IV is the 4th generation machine, which is developed to generate and control X-ray to acquire teeth and jaw images.General Features:·  Wireless and single hand operative DC X-Ray·  70 kV power with 2mA current·  0.4 mm Focal Spot·  2 mm Al Filtration·  1.5 kg in Weight·  with LCD Screen·  USB port for RVG attachment·   Patient Registration ·   Image viewer..
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model:  178025CRYSTAL1
Crystal Intraoral sensor, a “Make-In-India” product, with advanced technology. It is an all-in-one solution with increased durability and reliability.Key Features: Multi-layer sensor with latest CMOS technology Cesium iodide micro columnar fibre-optic scintillator Water proof and dust resistance Round edged design for enhanced patient comfort Auto stand-by mode for power saving High resolution image Slim sensor with more working area In-built patient management software e.g., a..
₹107,000 ₹109,000
Brand: Genoray Model: PORT_X_II
Port X II device from Genoray brand, a South Korean firm, which specialises in X ray medical devices, and has emerged as a leader in digital dentistry throughout the world. Since its foundation in the year 2001, Genoray has received several awards and accolades including the ‘Design Tech Innovation Award’ and the ’30 Million Dollar Export Award’.Genoray Portable X Ray Machine is a highly advanced digital X – ray companion that is preferred by dental professionals because of the safety (AERB Appr..
₹104,650 ₹110,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model:  14701617AIC5888A
Accuvue Intraoral Camera with LCD Screen to help dental practitioners identify dental diseases & ameliorate diagnostic & treatment plan accuracy. It magnifies the intraoral images for better evaluation.  It offers better visibility to the areas that are harder to see or in smallmouth opening patient. Key Features: Large LCD display for clear visibility of intraoral areas. High-definition camera for the crystal-clear image with better resolution. Six brig..
₹33,700 ₹35,500
Runyes Ray 68 DC Wall Mount X-Ray Runyes Ray 68 DC Wall Mount X-Ray
Out Of Stock
Brand: Runyes Model: RAY68DC
DC dental X-ray from Ningbo Runyes medical equipment's, a renowned brand from China. Runyes has always focused on providing technologically advanced equipment's to dental industry. In Runyes DC x-ray system, the head of the x-ray tube gets the power from direct electric current. Due to the constant potential (DC) machine, the machine receives steady supply of power for the production of smooth and consistent x-rays. Hence DC X-ray machines provides consistent images with lesser exposure to radia..
₹129,000 ₹135,500
Runyes Ray68 AC Dental X-Ray Runyes Ray68 AC Dental X-Ray
Out Of Stock
Brand: Runyes Model: RAY68 AC
Runyes Ray 68 AC dental IOPA x-ray machine in a very reasonable price in India. Ningbo Runyes Medical Instruments Co. Ltd. Has always concentrated towards quality enhancement to provide ease of operation to dental professionals worldwide. AC dental x-ray machine uses alternating electric current to power the x-ray tube head. AC X-ray dental machine requires a filtration of Aluminium to absorb the soft rays.Key Features for Runyes Ray 68 AC X-ray machine:AERB (Atomic Energy Regulatory Board) cert..
₹97,210 ₹102,000
Brand: Unicorn Denmart Model: WIFI_IOC
WiFi IntraOral camera has been designed to offer you a better view of the anatomic structures of the patient while allowing you to take clear case pictures. It is equipped with the LED lighting system, through which you can take multiple high quality intraoral images. It enables the dentist to clearly see enlarged images of the surface of the tooth, gingival health, other minute details inside the oral cavity. It also facilitates the dentist to properly interact and encourage the pati..
₹11,300 ₹11,850
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