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Gnatus Dental Chair - S200 F

Gnatus Dental Chair -  S200 F
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Gnatus Dental Chair - S200 F
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Best Dental Deals offer Gnatus S200 F dental chair with underhanging delivery unit from Gnatus brand, a Brazilian company that manufactures dental equipments with the finest quality and advanced technology. It provides the dental professionals a complete peace of mind by its ergonomic design, advanced features and excellent durability. 

Key Features of Gnatus S200 F underhanging dental chair:

Base: It has an anti-skid rubberized base with Face-Lift feature that covers the base with ABS engineering plastic for better stability. It also has integrated foot control for complete maintenance of hygiene in the clinical environment and aseptic operations (Chair positions, chair programs, light on/off control switch). Also, this chair has only single reliable PCB for all the chair functions. Non -Corrosive DuPont paint for rust-free and maximum durability. 

Motor: It is equipped with BOSCH motor, a German brand motor well recognized for its efficiency and durability. In this dental chair, 2 BOSCH motors dedicatedly perform the chair up & down movement and backrest toe and fro movement providing smooth and jerk-free movements.

Foot Control: It has simple pressing type of foot control for handpiece to provide the dentist ease of operation.

Upholstery: Gnatus S200 F has a uniquely textured seamless upholstery that provides the patient optimum comfort for long dental procedures, also a movable right arm for easy entry/exit of the patient. Double articulated headrest, easy operation for peado and handicapped patients. 

Water Unit: Water unit is equipped with low vacuum and high vacuum suction along with an easily removable cuspidor for cleaning and maintenance of hygiene. The spittoon water is controlled by proximity sensor and electrically activated cup filling saves time of the dentist during clinical procedures. 90 Degree movable spittoon for comfortable spitting of the patient without self-adjustment.

Delivery Unit: Traditional underhanging type delivery unit with a wide instrument tray. It has USA quality tubings with excellent durability. The pneumatic lock system prevents any displacement and the IOPA X-ray viewer provides excellent illumination for proper diagnosis. The delivery unit has the control panel for chair movement, 3 customized programs, zero positions etc. It has One air rotor point, one air motor point and one 3-way syringe, the water regulating valve available on the coupling itself to provide flexibility during dental procedure. 

Dental Light: This dental chair has the luxury Phillips 3 LED light with proximity sensor control to prevent any cross-contamination with intensity control.

Dentist’s Stool: The doctor’s stool has the feature of adjusting the back to support the spine and provide extra comfort during clinical procedures. (Zero back Ache Stool)

Technical Specifications:

  • Power supply: 220V 50Hz
  • Dimensions:  6.5 * 4.5 ft
  • LED Light Intensity: 10,000 -30000 Lux

Operational Instructions for Gnatus S200 F Dental Chair:

The dental chair is installed as per the site planning by service engineer with all the connection including electricity, drainage, water inlet and the air inlet.

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