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Biovac Sec New-Motorized Suction

Biovac Sec New-Motorized Suction
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Biovac Sec New-Motorized Suction

We are offering the best model of suction unit which is GNATUS Biovac Sec New Motorized Suction at best price. Basically, the GNATUS Biovac Sec was designed for a high-powered suction that absorbs efficiency saliva and residues, using a technology that dispenses water in the vacuum generation system, besides it supplying the needs of bio safety in general dental practice. With this technology, the concern with water consumption it’s dispensable, considering this zero consumption. Without the retainers use or mechanical seals, which usually has the same retention or sealing function, the Biovac secs dispense the routine maintenance remission on these agents, unconcerned the customers with water or leaks levels.


  • Very low noise level
  • Made in steel structure
  • Does not bother the patient nor the dentist
  • It can be installed up to 7 meters from the point of suction, keeping its performance
  • Drains by gravity - can be connected directly to the common sewer
  • Does not present air return in the pipe because it has no pressure in the sewer
  • Power consumption less than 0.45kwh
  • Anti-Vibration System with cushion for fixing the engine & rubber feet 
  • Easy access to the debris filler separator
  • Level sensors - Controls the level of the reservoir, avoiding overflow
  • Reservoir with 1 Litre capacity
  • Serves upto 3 offices


  • Efficiently drains the blood, saliva ,tissue debris
  • Gives full control of operational field with instant drainage thus increasing the efficiency of the dental surgeon



Biovac Sec
Classification of equipment as per standard IEC 60601-1
Protection against Electric Shock - Type BF and Class II Equipment
Protection against dangerous ingress of water
Mode of Operation
Continuous operation
Reservoir capacity
1 L
Maximum vacuum
110 mmHg
Noise besides the equipment
74 db (A)
Air displacement
Upper to 380 L/min


Voltage and power frequency
220/240 V and 50/60 Hz
Control voltage
24 V~
Motor power
1/2 HP - 0,37 KW
Dry BV total power
770 VA
Rated current
3.2/3.5 A (220/240 V)

Net weight
29.200 Kg
Gross weight
34.200 Kg

Warranty* - 1 Year

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