Gnatus S 300 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit

  • Base & Motor:  Anti-skid rubberized base covered with high quality ABS engineering plastic i.e. Face-Lift feature.
  • Microprocessor controlled i.e. One PCB for all the functions of the dental chair. Highly trusted BOSCH DC motor from Germany provides smooth movements.
  • Non corrosive DuPont paint for protection from rust.
  • Integrated foot control with the dedicated switches to control chai programs, chair light, joystick for chair movements etc. to provide complete aseptic operations. The floor box is in-built type.
  • Foot Control: The foot control is traditional type with simple pressing for functioning of handpiece.

  • Upholstery: Seamless upholstery that is wrinkle free and stitches free along with accentuated lumbar support enhances the patient comfort in case of long duration dental procedures. Double articulated headrest for pedo and handicapped patients, also movable right arm for easy patient movement from the dental chair.
  • Water Unit: Water unit integrated with low vacuum and high vacuum suction along with a 90-degree movable spittoon for easy access to the patient to avoid self-adjustment. Electrical activation command of cup filling and proximity sensor-based bowl rinsing are available. To maintain the hygiene the bowl is easily detachable and washable by simply rotating off the bowl.

Vendor : Unicorn
Delivery unit: This delivery unit is available with both underhanging and overhanging model to meet the requirement of the dentist. Advanced dentist console with pneumatic locking arm to avoid any displacement and repeated adjustment. Soft touch control panel for easy control of operations.  It is equipped with 3 air rotor points and one 3-way syringe, water regulating valve in the coupling itself to allow easy control of water spray for different dental procedures. The tubings are made of high-quality material from USA. It has 4 customizable programs and 3 pre-set programs that includes zero position, spitting position and last working position. A small IOPA X-ray viewer for easy chair side diagnosis.
Dental Chair Light: Proximity sensor controlled 3 Phillips LED lights to provide maximum visibility during dental operation. Easily rotatable dental light to adjust and focus properly inside oral cavity. This dental light can also be controlled from integrated foot control for aseptic operation in case of dental surgeries.

Dentist’s stool: The dentist’s stool has a feature of adjusting the back rest along with the height to provide maximum support to the spine of the dentist so called zero back ache stool. It provides the dentist optimum comfort to effortlessly finish a dental procedure. 
Technical Specifications:
Power Supply: 220V 50Hz
Dimensions: 6.5 * 4.5 ft
LED Light Intensity: 10,000 -30000 Lux

Operational Instructions for Gnatus S300 Dental Chair:

The dental chair is installed as per the site planning by service engineer with all the connection including electricity, drainage, water inlet and the air inlet.
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Manufacturer Gnatus
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Ratings & Reviews

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