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Gnatus S300 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit

Gnatus S300 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit
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Gnatus S300 H Dental Chair with Overhead Delivery Unit
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  • Brand: Gnatus
  • Model: S300
  • Double articulated headrest for handicapped & pediatric patients, headlock system with the lever.
  • Microprocessor controlled single high reliable PCB which controls all chair operations.
  • Non-Corrosive Dupont paints on both sides of the base plate to avoid rust.
  • New designed Bosch motor for Jerk free & smooth movement
  • Anti-Skid rubberized base provides better stability & rust protection
  • Option for Left-Handed dentistry.
  • Water control on handpiece coupling
  • Handpiece tubings with superior quality made in the USA
  • Face Lift – Base completely redesigned with new plastic cover fixed in the base for better finish and stability.
  • Zero backache stool for spine support.
  • Integrated Junction box.


  • Philips 3 LED Sensor Light with 10,000 -30,000 Lux intensity.
  • Proximity sensor to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Light can be controlled by hand & foot control as well.
  • 360° adjustable & autoclavable handles.


  • Integrated Joystick foot control for easy operation in any working position.
  • 3 customized programs & 3 prefixed programs- spitting, last working & auto return to zero position.
  • Activation (on/off) of the dental light.


  • Overhead delivery unit with newly designed Pneumatic arm.
  • 3 Air Rotor Point and 3-way syringe on Delivery unit.
  • TouchPad control with inbuilt LED X-Ray viewer.
  • Removable & autoclavable silicon pads for complete germ-free operations.
  • Option for inbuilt scaler


  • Removable spittoon for easy cleaning.
  • 2 points - One for Low vacuum Suction and other for High Vacuum Suction Cannulas.
  • Cup Filter with electric activation.
  • Proximity Sensor: Auto control the spittoon water.
  • Removable suction filter for easy cleaning.

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