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Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave - 21 L

Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave - 21 L
Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave - 21 L
Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave - 21 L
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Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave - 21 L
Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave - 21 L
Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave - 21 L
Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave - 21 L
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  • Brand: Gnatus
  • Model: bioclave_21ltr

Best dental deals present N class autoclave of Gnatus, a Brazilian company that is committed to creating the best working environment for the health workers by providing the most reliable & durable equipment. Gnatus Bioclave 21ltr comes with innovative design & praiseworthy functionality. It is equipped with all the safety features to make this autoclave one of the best in the market.

Key Features For Gnatus Bioclave Autoclave:
  • The assurance of Biosafety makes it more reliable.
  • Silicon ring in the door with great flexibility and heat resistance ensures proper sealing of the door during the sterilization cycle.
  • Injected aluminum coated stainless steel door with SS304 quality stainless steel keeps it rustproof and make it durable.
  • The simple control panel makes it easy to operate.
  • Glass wool internal thermal insulation prevents loss of heat during the sterilization cycle.
  • Thermo-switch to prevent the excess elevation of temperature within the chamber.
  • The safety system against accidental door opening makes it secured to use.
  • N class autoclave with the dry cycle for dryer solid unwrapped instruments to use.
  • Automatic deaeration for uniform & constant temperature inside the chamber during the sterilization cycle.




Operation Temperature

128ºC ±5 (123 to 133ºC)

Chamber’s Depth

45 cm


43.5 cm width x 41.0 height x 58.0 cm deep

Water consumption

350 - 380ml

Net weight

30 Kg

Sterilization Time

16 minutes

Complete cycle

60 minutes

Drying Time

30 minutes

Usage Instructions of Gnatus Bioclave:

  • Connect the energy plug to the socket.
  • Raise the door latch; push it to the left and open.
  • Pour 350ml of distilled water inside the chamber using a dosing cup.
  • Put unwrapped solid instruments on the tray and place inside the autoclave.
  • Close the autoclave door for the sterilization process to start.
  • For drying mode, the autoclave door must be kept ajar and during this time touching inside the chamber is prohibited to avoid unwanted accidents or burns.
  • After drying mode, 3 beeps will be emitted and a green indicator will be on. 
  • Then the instrument's trays can be removed from the chamber using a tray holder.

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