Gnatus Amalgamator- Amalgamix ii

Gnatus Amalgamator Amalgamix II, with microprocessor ensuring the accuracy and repetition of selected time. It has an ergonomically arranged digital command panel to allow better handling and vision of the monitor. The motion and the frequency of the amalgamator ensure perfect consistency and provide a homogenous mixture for any amalgam. This amalgamator is available online at a reasonable price to buy, for an effortless dental restoration procedure by dental professionals. 

• The transmission cushioning system with ironclad bearings, prevents vibration transmission to the device making it more stable and silent during operation. 

• Digital interface that is safe with an ergonomic design. 

• In the event of accidental opening of the lid, the armature stops immediately for safety.

Vendor : Unicorn
Special Price ₹27,000.00 Regular Price ₹29,000.00

Technical Specifications:

• Time setting: 0-30 sec

• Amplitude: 25nm

• Frequency: 4,000 oscillations/ seconds

Operational Instructions:

Plug in the device. Place the pre-dosed capsules and select the time. Then switch the start button on. 

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Manufacturer Gnatus
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Ratings & Reviews

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